The Wings of Healing is an international ministry, with a world wide radio ministry, and also helps maintain Children homes, relief stations, churches, and Bible schools around the globe.


Oh, The Love Of God

         Oh, The Love of God!                                            February 2018 My Dear Partners in Christ:   In the midst of February is Valentines Day and provides always an excuse to express one’s thoughts on love. But who needs an excuse? Of course, the word ‘love’ in our present culture has become overused,…

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Just What Is Fair?

JUST WHAT IS FAIR? January 2018 My Dear Christian Friend: Yes, another year, and there will as always changes, only may they be far less painful this year. There are always challenges and difficulties endemic to this life; yet have there been too many deaths from hurricanes, terrorists, and other catastrophes. There are just no…

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“Our Labor Is Not In Vain”

My dear Christian friend:               It is that time of celebrating the national identities of two of the great liberal democratic republics of our world. This time our Canadian friends are experiencing the promise, and always the frustrations of new leadership, and we in the United States are deep in the throes of the…

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“Come out of her my people…”

My good and faithful friend:   Sharon and I recently attended a near by church fulfilling an old invitation. The service was quiet, predictable, and unfulfilling, the sermon even more so. This did confirm my concern for what too often passes for Christianity in some churches. This is what I have tried desperately to make…

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Without the Resurrection!

Easter, 2016 My Dear Christian friend: I for one never tire of talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This Resurrection Day we call Easter gives one a great excuse, should one even require it, to regale friends, family, or anyone who might listen about what this day signifies.  Here is the one event that…

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