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We Really Are Special

“We Really Are Special!”   

June 2018

My gracious friend:


Who of us has not stood transfix by a glorious sunset, or a spectacular vista of snow caped mountains or endless “waves of grain.” What we are actually doing at such times is, with that sense of splendor, seeing creation as God sees it. It is a glimpse, if you will, of our sensing the true wonder and beauty of what our God has accomplished. I met and fell in love with my future wife in the sublime grandeur of Take Tahoe. The beauty of the setting alone only added to our romance. As a family we have always enjoyed the beaches and mountains with our growing boys, watching them cavorting in the surf or snow with pet rabbits, or our little dog. It is unquestionably to me, that this is what God intended that we as His ultimate creation are meant to enjoy to the fullest His marvelous handiwork. Too often Christians are seen as spoilsports not wishing that any one have fun. Nothing could be further from the truth, for His gift to us is that we are to enjoy fully, but only in the way He intended.

It is to experience the incredible abundance and creativity of what He has wrought, but then to understand the undeniable purpose of that God has for us, unworthy though we are. It really should take our breath away. However, few realize just how unique our little orb is; out on one of the “arms,” of a rare perfect spiral galaxy, amid a billion other galaxies. Yet, now because of new space based telescopes we are witnessing discoveries that have unveiled a creation that is not just unique, but literally improbable. There are at least 850 special events and realities that are now known to be essential for this one planet to sustain life. The odds of this being possible have been estimated to be 1 to 10 followed by over one thousand zeros. That is one chance in a trillion, trillion, trillion.

To fully really appreciate what those odds mean; that is more than all the proton and neutron in the universe. Yes, more than all the matter in the universe. What that means is that if we are talking about life as a matter of chance or luck, as Darwinist and atheist declare, it is simply impossible. The odds are too great! And the odds of all these special events occurring means that there should be no life anywhere in our universe, but here we are. If it is not by chance, then it must be by design, and that there is then purpose and meaning in creation. We are not just the results of chance and time, but someone or something beyond time and space has made our existence possible.

The skeptics, atheist, those who do not what to allow any possibility of God are near hysteria and incredulity over these new realities, and have, of necessity, proposed ever increasing absurd theories. All so as to not have to face the stark reality staring them in the face, that the most obvious explanation for our existence in this entire universe is the result of the will and purpose of a creator. This is called the anthropic principle; which asserts that all the features of the universe appear fine-tuned for the benefit of human life. Or as one has stated, “there is now the realization that only in the context of human existence does the universe make any rational sense.” We are more than a cosmic accident, but as scripture asserts we are the results of a “creator who, though transcendent to and unlimited by space, time, matter, and energy, has attended to, and continues to attend to all the minute particulars of His handiwork.”

But those who would ignore these facts have their own agenda, their own vision of the world. However, a society without God will inevitability drift toward chaos or tyranny. And this is what one sees where the influence, even the slightest veneer of Christianity is missing. And it can be seen now in some of our own cities. It is this blindness to the divine that is debilitating our culture, and poisoning our young. They have withheld the truth that we are uniquely created, and exist by the grace of God, who has a purpose for us all, and thus a destiny as well. They will accept the anemic “christianity.” Those that compromise the divine message, those now shorn of power by the denial of the resurrection, and the life changing ability of the gospel. If you compromise the truth you will be welcomed in this “brave new world,” but not if you proclaim the truth. However, they cannot obstruct the truth for long, and as the evidence continues to mount they will despise all the more the vibrant, energetic believers, who despite what they want will continue to loudly proclaim the Creator, His love, His plan, and His ultimate purpose for those that love Him.


Oh may we never be silent when it comes to the truth,



Thomas Randolf Wyatt

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