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Chapter 7 part 3

Sharon Wyatt’s           WHERE TO FROM HERE”                         By the Way

(This is the last book Sharon wrote/ We will of course finish, and then we                                                                                    will feature her biography, which is being transcribed from a handwritten manuscript)

Part 3 of Chapter 7

“Learning from Others?”


……they can come in clusters and be layered one on top the other. They can be insignificant in and of themselves, but collectively they weigh heavily on your life and need immediate attention in order for you to move on in hopefully the right direction. Some decisions can safely be put on the back burner and addressed another day. I could be so obvious as to use a fire as an illustration, do you attempt to extinguish it or sit back and ponder it? This is quite silly but it makes a point, some decisions demand immediate attention or it is going to get out of hand and could end up as a terrible disaster.   No one needs destruction to fall in all around them, especially when you could have prevented it early on before it became a four alarm fire! Keep your head at such times when a swift decision must be made, but do not procrastinate if waiting could make things worse in the process. Hoping you are never in such a situation, but always being prepared and having a plan for anything that may come your way will have you on the right tract.

Most of us do things with such routine that we do not even consider that there were decisions made during the course of any of these daily rituals. Pavlov’s dog is a good example of this; a bell rings and we answer the phone, another bell rings and we answer the door, still another bell rings and we get the cloths out of the dryer. We are conditioned just as that infamous dog was. But even in that mundane bit of work we made a decision…as to wanting to answer the phone or door or can the clothes wait a few minutes longer. Now what if the phone call was someone calling with an important message that demanded your immediate attention and you missed it? Regrets, I’m sure. And at the door, was someone wanting you to know that the lights were left on in your car? And the dryer, well, your cashmere sweater now fits your toy poodle!

So treat important decisions intelligently, remembering that most of them are with you all of your life in one way or another. Who you decided to marry or if you have decided not to marry, either one will have a profound effect on your life. Where you decided to live can have both a positive and negative influence over you, so make certain it is where you want to be. If your location is predicated on your vocation and where that is found on the globe, then make sure you are living in an area you are pleased with. It will determine much as to your state of mind if you are pleased with your surroundings. It may require you spending more time than you wish in finding the best you can get, but in the long run it is well worth it. What you have chosen your vocation to be and how you make your living is a huge decision, and if it isn’t what you want to do or desire for your life, this can lead to great unhappiness and dysfunction.

The overall picture of a happily contented person is usually what everyone aspires to. They possess a certain je ne sais quoi that can be enviable even in the least of conditions. To attain such a station in life determines very much on you, and here it comes again…the decisions that you make! Yes, those all too often taken too casually and cavalierly events in one’s life where a decision could make or break the future. This determination to get to the top and be a success is not a bad trait, but it can lead to aberrant behavior that is unbecoming and very undesirable. Advising you to be choosey when working your way up the ladder is sound guidance, but this is not to say act like a contentious, contemptible oaf in the process. Arousing someone’s ire brings about a long list of negative possibilities that could have dire consequences for you and your quest. To have to contend with what could be a never ending succession of stumbling blocks, laid in your path by a serious saboteur who has a vendetta against you, could spell the end for your intentions. A vindictive person is easily inspired to do their worst against you, and if this vitriolic soul happens to be…..

Continued next month

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