The Wings of Healing is an international ministry, with a world wide radio ministry, and also helps maintain Children homes, relief stations, churches, and Bible schools around the globe.


November, 2019

My Gracious Friend,


We are, to be honest, so blessed as a people. Those of you in the Dominion to our north surely enjoyed your Thanksgiving feasting, and we here in the States look forward to ours, but this is so much more than just a time of Thanksgiving with good food and fellowship. So allow me to take a moment to fully express what I am feeling before another year is history.

Few can imagine, despite the void that remains, how much the Lord has ministered to me. First, there is family, which includes you. I delight in your faithfulness to this ministry, to its mission, and therefore to me. Then there is the literal almost hourly sustaining love, and grace of my Savior. How He has filled this void with friends, new outreaches, an invigorated church, a vibrant ministry, and a loving family, which gratefully includes growing grandchildren. And I am constantly surprised at how He continues to constantly bless, inspire, enable, and guide.

It is then no wonder how much I want to return to Him, who has so blessed me, my constant praise and thanksgiving. Of course there are mornings when one is slower, when the yard work seem more a chore than the joy it usually is, when the sermon seems a struggle rather than flowing easily off the tongue, days when I actually feel my age. Yet always I feel His presence. I see His love in all the beauty around me, just the joy of His creation. Therefore, it comes quickly to my lips my thanks and praise. He has become closer than I have ever known Him, perhaps because I have needed that. Whatever the reason I am grateful. I just wish my efforts to cook for myself came as easily (I am getting better, even coming fairly close to her incomparable spaghetti and meatballs).

All this is but my attempt to express my thanks to you my friends. And it is to let you know that this ministry continues, but honestly only does so with your help. The new year coming will see a lot of changes, but mostly the changes will be in a world that desperately needs to know Jesus Christ. That is why The Wings of Healing will remain, and will be here for you to minister to you and this world in any way we can.

As Sharon loved to say, “We are here for you.”


Thomas Randolf Wyatt

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