To Our Dear Ones in Oklahoma:

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We pray God has kept His Loving Hand upon you during these days of natural disaster and crisis.

God is closest to us in such trying and terrifying times as these, and His Angels abound!

The news of this devastating tornado outbreak has grieved us so very much and our heartfelt thoughts are with you and for all of your fair state at this time. The lives lost and the property and land destroyed are devastating.

May positive days ahead begin to increase, and may you find strength and encouragement knowing that you are in our deepest prayers. Please find comfort in being aware of how much spiritual support is coming your way and that Our Father will restore your peace.

And for those of you who were spared and not too adversely affected, please join us in prayer for those in need. We want to hear from you to let us know how you are doing.

Do remember that you are in our fondest thoughts and heartfelt prayers.

Be well and Heaven bless and keep you.
Thomas and Sharon Wyatt and all the Wings of Healing Staff

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