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So let me get closer to home, my father’s duplicity. I adored my father, and was completely caught by surprise, and thus overwhelmed when simply one Friday evening, as he told us to get cigarettes and some ice cream, he never returned. My mother and I would learn quickly that he had emptied the banks accounts, leaving mother with only the rental house next-door as income, and that with a mortgage. And he was now living with some woman that we knew nothing about.
This was a crushing blow to me, and devastated my mother, who went into deep depression, and denial for many months. Leaving me at eighteen to somehow hold things together. These actions of his would forever cloud my faith in men, and wounded my soul, which was very slow to heal. As result I hold a special disdain toward adultery, and the harmful, and destructive lies that must be cultivated to maintain such betrayal. This would for me mean that any man that would ask me out, if I found out that he was in fact married, became persona non grata, French for complete unacceptable.
These kinds of lies are especially damaging, but such duplicity is found in all of our human relationships. But, it goes without saying that the dastardly deceit required to commit infidelity is uniquely harmful. If something as precious as the vows of marriage are breeched and should the guilty culprit desires to recommit to somehow heal the marriage, it is going to take a lot of hard work to mend the deep scars, not to mention the years of rebuilding required to create even a semblance of trust. It is not impossible for it has been done. But requires both parties to really make a supreme effort to see the marriage survive. We saw it done with a minister who was at one time a friend of ours, whose infidelity not only nearly destroyed his marriage, but did dismember his once flourishing church. He would die, struggling to continue his once very effective ministry, and dominated now by his wife who had become quite manipulative. This was the unhealthy compromise made to keep the marriage together and trying to rebuild that trust.
Deciding to lie about something is not anything one should recommend as good sound advice. Telling the truth is the finer part of valor and the outcome is far better in the long run. Getting engrossed in the web that is woven when a falsehood has begun, ninety-nine percent of the time ends up a total fiasco. You will lose credibility and bring shame upon yourself, for it will be found out. Being branded a liar is internationally regarded as dishonorable. Once you have this renown, do not be surprised to hear yourself spoken of as disreputable, contemptible, untrustworthy, and the descriptive list can go on and on.
You will not have the respect from others that you would desire in your life. If all of this began with a lie, are you now going to confess it and tell the truth? This is another decision to make, an important one. Just which humiliation do you wish to live with, to confide with those you lied to and divulge the real truth, or to wear the badge of a deceiver?
As inglorious as it may seem to have to bare your soul and admit to fabricating lies, you will more than likely be admired and very possibly forgiven for your deception. The forgiving now is the responsibility of the one(s) who were on the receiving end of your tall story. How others were affected by the litany of lies weighs heavily upon the extent of the leniency. If you are exonerated to a point of complete forgiveness consider yourself among the fortunate, for usually there comes a set of serious conditions with any reconsideration.
We are blessed with a Heavenly Father who forgives us and forgets, but the human condition is not quite so benevolent and has a tendency to remind us again and again of our past indiscriminant behaviors. Confession is good for the soul, and the beauty of it is that most people are willing to forgive when asked. But there is the burden to tell the whole truth and having to admit to being a perjurer. Not everyone experiences an immediate fawning from those who have had full disclosure told to them, but the mere act of release from this bondage is liberating and one will experience a sense of a new beginning.
Falling into the human faux pas of a simple lie, or blundering into a world of serial lying all require effort, some times great effort to rectify. Yes, some lies fall into the category of just little white lies, and others teeter on the edge of a hellish pit of untruth, but as we have seen……

We knew a man who tried very hard to convince people he was the Earl of Kent, well we figure that it was not possible, but rather than confront him gave him a pass, until a British friend of ours confirm for Tom that he was certain that there was no Earl of Kent, but a Duke of Kent and is a member of the Royal family. As time passed there were other bits and pieces that didn’t quite add up and it all became a ridiculous charade. Still another man that we heard of professed to being a count, well as it turned out he was not, and all of his friends, when the truth came out, proceeded in referring to him as ‘the no-account count’!
These two individuals make the point that the efforts, and one’s decisions to stray from the truth, are unhelpful no matter how possible or even convoluted it may be. Lies usually catch up with perpetrator. What good did it do them to carry on so? They will then be desperate to regain their integrity, but usually it is not about asking for forgiveness. Somehow we are just supposed to overlook the deception. They just do not seem to be ensnared in their duplicity, but just continue on their blissful way.
I never assumed that at some point the “Earl” would somehow come clean about all his pretences. Instead one day he announced that he much rather be a baron and began to introduce himself as such. It would have been so much better to realize the foolishness of all this, but instead all these fabrications only drove him always from his old friends. Then the consequence of his biggest lies caught up with him and he became trapped in police investigations.
After months of not hearing from him, he called to tell me of his intentions to kill himself. I was shocked and tried desperately to talk him out of it. I would be the last one he spoke to. There was an eerie resolve in his voice as he said his good-byes and thanked me for all Tom and I had done. Suddenly he was hearing all the vehicles arriving, he bade me farewell. I was to learn that he went immediately into his cellar, placed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
Tom and I have always felt so bad that he did not reach out when these troubles began with the investigations by the FBI. What is ironic in all this is that his troubles arose from a series of silly lies told to impress others only they were reported as truth to the authorities. What he had told these people all to build up some fictitious persona that would reek of unsavory events, and which unfortunately resembled an individual that the authorities had been searching for. It was all a lie, and the truth would have come out. What an awful decision to maintain you are someone you are not, and in this case an awful decision, indeed!
Now, after time has passed since his death, he is still missed by many. There are fun memories, but the memory of that last phone call shall forever sadden me, for there was nothing that I could say or do to convince him away from his decision. Suicide is never the solution to any problem. His goodbye still rings in my ear with its quiet stark determination and resolve, but there was a sweet spirit that came through as he thanked me for all that my husband and I had done.
I tried to drive up his street and was unable to because of the crowds of law enforcement. I had so hoped that I could get there and find him unable to carry out his plans to end his life. I could hopefully dissuade him, and then help him. When I looked up the street and saw the coroner parked in front of his home I realized the truth. I drove away hearing helicopters circling and emergency lights flashing from at least twenty different vehicles and trucks. I do not understand it to this day why he felt he had to affect this pretence of being such a man of means, with shady undertakings. I never will! But that lie, and mind you very little was based on fact, was what had ensnared him, and his lies took precedence over the truth to the exclusion of all other possible options.
Had he but sought counsel we would have done all we could to help him find his way, and rectify the many lies. There was no funeral, only a memorial with a few of his remaining friends and family in the garden of his home. It was there his cousin told us the truth of his life, and it was nothing to be ashamed of. There was no reason for the elaborate pretenses. I can only draw one conclusion, that in the decision to lie he made critical errors of judgment. Proving that some try too hard, and the weight of his cumulative stupidities became for him overwhelming. He would discover the dangerous extent of his falsehood when he magnified these lies to the wrong person, who believed it all.
This perhaps is too extreme an example of what pretences, fabrications, or just plain lying can do. So let me get closer to home….,
(continued next month)

February 2019
My Dear Partners in Christ:

We are continuing our journey through the Gospel of Matthew, and following the birth of Jesus, our broadcasts have dealt with the visit of the Magi, our Lord’s Baptism, and then His Temptation. But for our monthly letter I want to look at the beginning of our Lord’s public ministry in Galilee. It is initiated with the memorable calling of Andrew, Peter, James, and John. We have learn from John’s gospel that these men had been disciples of the Baptist. But when the Baptist is arrested by Herod Antipas they returned to Galilee and their previous life as fishermen. This is who they were! Nothing demeaning, or problematic about their occupation, but Jesus upon seeing them again would call them permanently to something that will change their lives forever. He will use appropriately a play on their old occupation, for now they are to be; “Fishers of Men.” Then Jesus in time will call seven more men to replicate symbolically the twelve tribes of Israel.
To me it is fascinating that the second century chronicler Hegesippus in telling the story of the twelve relates that Salome (Mk.15:40;16:1), was the sister of Mary and wife of Zebedee and thus the mother of James and John. And that the “other Mary” (Mt.28:1,etc.) was not the wife of Clopas (Jn.19:25), but the sister of Joseph, and the mother of James the “younger,” Judas called Thaddaeus (who would want to be called Judas?), and Simon the Cannaean. That means that five of the disciples were cousins of Jesus. I find this further evidence of the unique and special qualities easily seen in Jesus. Even through the brothers of Jesus will remain distant until His resurrection.
Jesus was clearly compelling, for from the fourth gospel we know Jesus had made a deep impression on Andrew. Peter, and the unnamed disciple has to be John (Jn.1:35). And when Jesus now calls them, they immediately follow. Their old life fades, for now and forever they’ll be known as one of the Disciples, the first Apostles, and those especially anointed. It will be costly, but the reward will be great. And like us all who believe, they are of those redeemed, justified, and called to be children of God.
We all have had titles, labels attached to us that have been transitory, some very temporary. I was once a graduate student, even an athlete. Obviously I am no longer! I have been a counselor and pastor, sadly in some ways this is past. I was a husband, and yet I feel that I am still her husband. I am also a father and grandfather. And this fortunately will last.
Yet, is it not more to the point and far more important, that we all have been called by our Lord to serve Him. Perhaps for me no longer as a Pastor, but I still preach, teach, remain a mentor, and providing now and then a Word of Prophecy. And, thankfully, like you redeemed, justified, and adopted as a child of God.
This is our permanent designation. This is who we are! You, as I am, are of our father Abraham, by the “seed” of promise, “which is Jesus Christ” (Gal.3:16). This is of prime importance! We are no longer to carry some transitory designation; we are for eternity to be of that “multitude which no man can number” and sealed with the name of God (Rev.7:4,9;14:1). Those raised incorruptible at the last trump (1 Co.15:52).
Yet His calling these men would be only the beginning, as His calling of us to our own walk in Him, is only a beginning. Jesus then went about, “teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every infirmity among the people. So his fame spread throughout all Syria…”(Mt.4:23-24). I know by the assurance of His Spirit that we too are to teach, proclaim, and yes, touch the throne of grace for the healing of every disease and infirmity. This is what the gospel of the kingdom means, or it means nothing. This is about God’s reign, His desires, His purpose in us, through us, and for us. He will, as He has, continue to do great things for us, and through us as we believe, trust, and persevere, praise God!

“That thy kingdom might come on earth as it is in heaven,”

Thomas R. Wyatt

January 2019
My Dear Christian Friend:
Yes, it’s another New Year, with all the promise, challenges, and hopes common to us all. This year the broadcast, to engage me, and provide some interest I am going to spend in the Gospel of Matthew. That’s right the entire year in Matthew. It’s also my hope that this will bring as well some fresh insight, enjoyment, and “Good News” to our newsletter. So we begin with this January letter.
Matthew’s gospel in the earliest centuries of Christianity was considered the primary gospel, the first, and most important. Personally I believe, as did all the early Church Fathers, that each gospel adds something unique to the story, especially John. Still in the second and third centuries the church was almost unanimous in its appreciation and veneration of the “Gospel According to Matthew.” Matthew, the Apostle, was always considered the author, and given that he was a rather inconspicuous apostle only adds to the confidence that he was indeed the author. (Why put his name on the gospel, rather than one of the more prominent apostles, if he is not the author).
Until the late nineteenth century there was never a problem with our scripture. It is then that skepticism came to rule so-called Biblical scholarship, and everything was free to be doubted, or even denied. Fortunately most good scholarship has returned to an appreciation of the text, and what it says to us. The consensus, as it always has been, is that Matthew wrote for Hebrew Christians, to assure them that Jesus was indeed the expected Messiah, and to convince those of Israel that as yet were not believers. It is why his frequent use of the Old Testament, and phrases like “This was to fulfill what the prophets said,” which would be followed often with his own free translation of the Hebrew, or the ancient Greek Old Testament. It was Matthew’s way to reinforce his belief to his Jewish kinsmen that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, and much more.
Yet, he would also include throughout his narrative that Gentiles, non-Jews were part of this new mission. In the genealogy he mentions four gentile women that are integral to the Davidic line of the Messiah. Then the visit of the Gentile Magi to worship the new born king. Then Jesus’ ministry begins in “Galilee of the Gentiles,” here begin the great prophetic “Light” to dispel the darkness. It is a Roman Centurion, a Gentile, that has a faith not seen in Israel. And Matthew concludes his gospel to the Jews, with our Lord’s command to “make disciples of all nations,” or “of all Gentiles.” (It is in Hebrew the same word).
We as the nations are the reality of that command of our Lord. And we are the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham, that his seed would bless the nations (or the Gentiles), and number as the sands of the sea, and stars of the sky. Nothing is accidental in God’s purpose; everything in its way serves His plan. Nothing is wasted, even sin, what is evil, irrational, God has and does use. Jacob sin with his daughter in law, Rahab’s occupation, David’s even greater sins, and Israel’s reluctance, even rejection of “the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world.”
So I have no doubt as to our Lord’s efforts in our world today. Despite what the pessimist will pontificate, what the self appointed experts announce, God is in control. It is His will that will be realized, despite everything the enemies of the gospel would throw in our paths. I know not all will accept the truth. I’ve come to accept as our Lord said, some will be “thrown into outer darkness,” not all the seed will fall on “good soil,” and the weeds will be bound “in bundles to be burned,” and some even “doubted” after seeing Him risen and alive. Despite that He still seeks the “one lost lamb.” He’s the father “longing for the lost son.” The King who “invites all those in the byways and hedges to the marriage feast,” and many still “worship Him” as the risen Lord. It is and always has been a choice. And because it is a choice, it’s why this ministry continues; and will until all can make that choice with the best evidence, all the information possible, responding to the misinformation about our faith, and especially experiencing the power of God. Do stay with us, and this ministry, for His will shall prevail!

That the world might hear,

Thomas Randolf Wyatt

Lessons from History

This is so vividly brought to mind when one considered the decision by Harry Truman to use those two initial A-bombs in the effort to end the bloody War in the Pacific. The projections were that the invasion of Japan would result in a million causalities for the allies, and would utterly decimate Japan, killing perhaps a quarter of the population, and require the Soviet Union to join in, and to then share in the dismemberment of Japan, just as had been done to Germany. Japan came near to not surrendering, as a coup had been attempted. But they did and history is much the better for that brave and hard decision by Truman. Decisions made be hard, but then one must consider the other options available.

I am not at all convinced that there is a sense of exasperated anticlimax when a decision has proven to be ultimately an enrichment of your life. Quite the contrary; suddenly elation sets in, launching into an exciting proposition. So, live for the moment and enjoy the thrills. Hopefully, there is permanence to all of this, for a lot of love, mingled with misgivings wrapped up in sentiment, was invested in bringing this to that perfect culmination of unabashed joy.

Chapter Eleven

To Be Or Not To Be

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” Somewhere in that quote we find a profundity which we can all embrace whether in essay or in real life. We face that fact practically every day and usually haven’t the faintest idea of what course to take. It can be as simple as what shall I wear, or what image do I wish to convey? Do I want to be square or stylish? This list could go on ad infinitum and we would still have not attained an answer. There is a pathetic side to this rather absurd question, for it is out of fear of being unaccepted that we rarely say what we really think or feel.

Be yourself! That is the answer to this way of expressing the obvious. Somewhere along the way the truth will out and what follows is a spiral into an abyss of deception and a cruel pathway as you attempt to maneuver your way out of your lie. What evolves from there are the barnacles of other peoples prejudices that begin to stick to you and hamper your progress.

There is nothing imperceptible about you learning just who you are, and here’s the rub… never quit learning! Uproot the weeds that inhibit your capabilities to further your education and the self-examination into you as a person. Also, good manners will never get you into trouble, unless some ignorant fool is pointing a crooked finger, and it will soon be common knowledge as to who has not been properly raised. If said lummox tries to integrate into society as a useful member, there is a common ground that will only be found among those with less sense of propriety and an abundance of hypocrisy. It will not take too long before the pretender will be exposed and can very well become a laughing stock, pitied and scorned. It is our Lord’s wise recommendations, “When you are invited take the lower place so that when your host comes he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place'” (Lk. 14:10).

To return to the subject of being who you are and being true to yourself, it is not at all uncommon to find people trying very hard to impose themselves on others with a made up persona. Caught up in a prison of impersonation, pretentiously and erroneously as they try to climb socially, even in biker bars they can be found, trying to be that creation they pretend they are. Woe be unto a phony in that social circle.

The reinvented image can be meticulously molded and given much time to develop. Much goes into educating one’s self for the new identity they wish to assume. These characters so involved with acting out will spend an accumulation of many hours in trying to take on a new role. They go into debt to accumulate the needed wardrobe and accoutrements to convince any onlooker that they are what is perceived to be.

Lessons from History

Sadly everyday history is repeating itself once again to brain wash the masses into believing a non-truth. So make decisions for yourself based upon knowledge that you have attained independently, seek the facts and make your wise decisions.

This brings me to yet another disturbing fact of life; there is an inordinate number of young people especially, that believe history began the day they were born!! Therefore, to them, nothing really matters from days gone by, so why study it? Well, I am going to quote “Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!”

What we learn from the lessons of history can be of incredible help when we have to face a crisis, for nothing is new under the sun. It may take a while to research your quest, but it will be well worth it if you can emerge unscathed from your questions of what course to take. Seeking wise counsel will prove invaluable, and I would hazard a guess that this chosen sage is well versed in history both current and ancient.

The miracle is; that given all the mistakes, our world has not imploded upon itself. For the record I must add that I am absolutely certain it is the faithful believers that have kept this earth from such demise. For along with the civility and tendency to pray waiting upon The Lord, there comes the common sense that helps with life’s uncertainties. Fortunately, democracies and republics are influenced by the teachings of the Bible, and here is a prime example of learning from history, and oh, what history! Which does remind me of the famous ironic statement by Winston Churchill, “Democracies are the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

The only element one has to tangle with in making a decision is to be well informed and confident while leaping over any hurdles. When all is concluded you should feel complete and quite relieved from the burden that often accompanies having such a task set before you. Hopefully it has suited your purpose perfectly and no nightmare will ever haunt you concerning the whole affair. Always remain calm and avoid that reprehensible thorn in your side that causes you to panic. It will get you absolutely nowhere, and left unchecked could eventually lead you to the necessity of having to see your doctor. Strive to always be at your best and do not let that sinister old clown, Beelzebub himself, lead you to think that you are not brave and that you lack moral courage!

These are not easy times that we are experiencing. I could write voluminous amounts just on that alone. Look back to the beginnings of said times and what do you see…decisions made… putting into place the parts of the engine that is now racing down the track. So to avoid having to get into the elements of a despicable plot against society, I shall refrain from lamenting the rampage and get back to prayer for the nations and the world and invoke that the suffering and displacements are not prolonged.

I may have been brought up to expect that those voted into office are to be trustworthy and honest. Along with such expectations would fall into line with their ability to make sensible decisions, and I pray those that can, will rise to the top, and also they will be spiritual enough to seek God’s wisdom and counsel before making any judgments, and the ever loving Decisions. In other words do not remove The Creator from government. Since the decisions of some to attempt to remove God it has been an ever constant decline of morality and common sense, and no one is better for it! The realization of this is overwhelmingly apparent.

So, it is quite plain to see that most things do not just happen, as some sort of act of nature. Somewhere along the way one or more decisions were made to set these things in motion. This is the same for both the good and the bad choices, for once they are in place, removing them could be impossible at best. Was anyone even thinking of the long term, far ranging consequences? Consequences that the generations following have to live with and may never be able to undo. This is not a preposterous assessment of today’s woes, for as pragmatic as we are we must be aware of the times when there are lapses of concern from the powers that be, and once again the public has to rise up and let their voices be heard. And we have learned in recent elections, that indeed every vote can matter. We are meant to be involved. I can sum all of this up, with a quote from Margaret Thatcher, who once said, ‘Consensus is the negation of leadership’. So do your independent thinking on any subject and get as close to the heart of the matter as possible and use your judgment wisely. Remembering always that, “The future is purchased by the present.”

December 2018

My dear friends; Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas is the classic and treasured greeting for this season. And for me it has always meant more than have a happy time of celebration. The entire idea in celebrating the birth of the Christ, or the Messiah, of remembering the events recalled in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, is that this is an event that has changed the world. In one of those insightful passages of Paul’s, he puts it this way, “When came the fullness of time, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law so that we might receive the adoption as sons (and daughters), and because we are sons (and daughters), God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts…” (Gal. 4: 4-6 GK).

There is, of course, more, and also several sermons here, but I want to concentrate on the remark, ” the fullness of time.” There are many reasons that this was the “appointed time,” the “time of God’s fulfillment,” or as I here translated literally, “the fullness of time.” There was no more perfect time or place than the first century, and in an insignificant province in the far eastern edge of the Roman Empire. For here a small group of ancient Aramaic tribes had survived centuries of conquest, exile, and abuse yet had been divinely persevered, despite their many failures, as the repository of the worship of the one true God. And by the first century they had at last become hardened in that worship, even translating their holy scriptures into the universal language of the eastern half of that Empire. This would provide the first scriptures for the movement that would spring from that, “Son, born of a woman.”

The Roman Empire also had by this time swept the seas of the remnants of pirates, their wars of conquest reaching a zenith. Now there had been decades of what was called the “Pax Romana,” the peace of Rome. Travel was relatively safe, and the Roman genus for building had laced the Empire with good roads. There was that common languages Koine Greek, which made communication and thus the proclamation of the Gospel so much easier. And there were strategic cities within easy reach for the adventurous, and those eager to spread the good news.

These Aramaic tribes we know as Israel, were also fully aware that Daniel’s vision of the “Seventy Weeks” was close to fulfillment. There was as a result the expectation, the desire, the longing for the “coming anointed one,” and “the end of sin and to atone for iniquity” (Dan. 9:24-27). Surely as well there were those who remembered the visit some thirty years prior of strange visitors from the East, asking to see the newborn king. This followed sadly by the messy murders of a handful of infants. But at the time it was just another of too many acts of brutality by Herod, the Roman vassal king of Judah. This all would but add to the sense of expectation. Then the appearance of a “prophet” in the mold of Elijah, dressed like him, and even appearing in the wilderness like him, with a message of judgment on those in power. All the pieces were in place.

It was indeed “the fullness of time.” It was, we are told, what God had prepared, “before the foundation of the world” (1 Pe.1:20). Here our Lord would bring about the fulfillment of that ancient story in the stars, the culmination of that promised seed, that greater king of the lineage of David. And when the Archangel Gabriel visited a maiden and the Holy Spirit “overshadowed” her, it was complete. God had begun what would be the accomplishing of His purpose, our redemption. This is what for so long had been hoped for, desired, and “attested in the faith” of so many. Those of old, however, would “not receive what was promised, for God foresaw something better which would include us” (Heb. 11:39-40 GK). God in His Son would bring about this that is “better.” That all who believe, “might receive adoption as His children.” Yes, this is all about our Lord gathering a people for His own, what scripture calls His “bride,” the “New Jerusalem,” the “great multitude which no man could number.” This is what I would have us all give thanksgiving for. That beyond human understanding, what is His amazing grace and unbounded love, He has deemed it His purpose and desire that we should share His eternal existence. That we are to rule and reign even now with Him as His sons and daughters, what could be “better?”

May this Christmas be one of thanksgiving for the fullness of time,

Thomas R. Wyatt

November, 2018

My Faithful Friend,

It is my desire to spend the rest of this year calling attention to all that we as believers, and by extension our neighbors who may not believe, can give thanksgiving for. Last month as our Canadian friends where gathering with friends and family celebrating their Thanksgiving Day, I wanted us to appreciate that greatest gift for all we sinners; Calvary. The astonishing sacrifice of the only begotten that He might be our redemption, expiation, propitiation, and salvation, which has been made available to all, and as a result has effected every society on our globe to some degree.

So as we south of the border gather as well with family and friends to celebrate our Day of Thanksgiving, I want us to appreciate just what our faith, that’s right Christianity, has actually done to lift the conditions of all humanity. It is bewildering that our faith seems to be the one religion that is now so openly criticized, reviled, and defamed. Something that is seemly encouraged by those in influence be it academia or politics. This is done without the slightest acknowledgement of what Christianity has brought about in our world even outside the spiritual realm. Most reflections of our faith become preoccupied with ancient crusades, inquisitions, and so-called religious wars in Europe without the slightest appreciation of the historical context. And in the process they ignore or our ignorant of all that Christianity has brought to the world. Or Is it on purpose?

The ancient Romans were the first to comment on the unnaturalness, at least to them, of the Christian compassion and care for the afflicted, diseased, the poor, the abandoned, and dying, something that continues even today in every corner of our world. It was Christianity that saw to the outlawing of slavery (too bad in the present atmosphere of multi-cultural toleration that slavery is making a comeback). It is our faith that has been responsible for the true development and expansion of hospitals, sanitariums, and leprosarium, of laws concerning child labor, work safety, and humane treatment. Also our faith is responsible for the awareness and thus the disapproval and punishment of what we now call war crimes, and excessive violence. Do our critics really believe that before Christianity anyone even considered that war and violence against one’s enemies had any limitations? If so they are totally bereft of any historical understanding.

All this is what we have every right to be thankful for! When a nation has embraced these Judaic-Christian beliefs, assuring their people that their lives are safe, have the freedom to pursue their own dreams, and all religions can be freely followed, that nation will prosper. Most of the suffering, despair, oppression, and poverty in our world is due in large part to the sad fact of the denial of these foundational truths. It is what we can be thankful for. Christianity if applied even in this mortal sinful world can mitigate anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, over indulgence, and can in the process eliminate abject poverty, corruption, unnecessary accumulation, nervous and emotional disorders, most sicknesses, even famine (for most famines are caused by human malfeasance and ignorance).

We should give thanksgiving to the empowering influence of the good news. What socially is revealed as the “rule of Law,” that each and every life has value, that all should have their hopes appreciated. You see our faith is so much more than our eternal hope, but joy, peace, and love provided now in this imperfect world. In the life of Christ are the answers to all that this world needs, and the answers to the overwhelming chaos that seems so prevalent now. When engulfed as we have been lately with misrepresentation or outright lies, callous disregard for others, and ignoring basic Judaic-Christian values we can see the resulting anger, disregard for the rights of others, and division. So as give thanks lets us also embrace forbearance, patience, truthfulness, courtesy, and above all else love. This is vital for our lives, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and thus the health of all our Judaic-Christian Republics, and also all those societies that try to copy us, and all who dream and hope for what our beacons of liberty represent to our world.

May we truly give thanks for all that our faith provides,

Thomas Randolf Wyatt