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This is, I am sure, one-story among many, of someone moving from the glitzy glamour of what is often called showbiz, and find them selves before a congregation or a group of young people on a Sunday morning.   And yes, this has been my story; beginning as a child actress and dancer performing for pay among the studios and stages of Hollywood and elsewhere, and then through a series of strange and even mystifying circumstances finding herself in a far different calling, doing what one is asked to do for little or no pay, but perhaps, for a much more rewarding payment in the end. I hope you will stay with me, for in many ways it is a unique story and needs to be told. There are revelations, surprises, and then some tales that should not shock anyone that is familiar with Show Biz. It is a story of a young woman engaged in all that Hollywood might offer, and then will be engaged in the world of religion from what is a very unique vantage point. Experiences which are in some cases risqué and shocking for it was experienced in a real world without filters, and often far from the influence of Christianity, so be forewarned. It has been, for me, a life certainly worth living, and I pray you will find that it is worth sharing.




Long after I was married my mother would inform me that I was conceived one night following a New Years Eve party at the home of friends in Arcadia, California. Here they would stay over after the party and attend the Rose Parade in Pasadena the next morning. Gas rationing during the war made such over night parties common. This meant I was not planned but an unexpected consequence, and the Great War still raged when my mother went into labor in mid September of 1943. Mother’s pediatrician had been called up and was somewhere on a hospital ship in the South Pacific, which meant that I would be delivered at the county hospital. The war required many compromises and accommodations, but this my mother especially disliked.   I, this unexpected consequence would be sixteen years younger than my brother and sister. So in many ways I was an only child, it would be just the three us, Mom, Dad, and myself on those frequent camping trips. Dad loved to fish, and we would as well scout the Northwest forest for the prefect large trees for my father’s lucrative Christmas tree business in Beverly Hills. Especially for the Department stores that wanted very large flocked trees. However, this added child after my mother had virtually raised her family initially distressed my mother greatly.

But there would be advantages for a “stage” mother, for my earliest recollections are how much I loved to sing and dance, and would at any pretext entertain my parents and their guests. Apparently my efforts were adequate enough to be encouraged, although that may just have been the tolerance of loving parents. But before I was three I had joined the Meglin Kiddies, a local dancing school that held many recitals for the adoring parents and friends. However, I remember finding the routines and staging boring and childish. I was clearly vocal in my distaste and my mother luckily obtained an interview with Milton Hill, who operated the leading dance school for young people in Hollywood. She probably did so by fudging on the facts, as I said she was a bit of a “stage” mother.

The audition did not go well at first, for he stated forcefully that he did not take any child under five years of age. Thankfully my mother insisted that he at least check out my ability. First dear Milton asked why I didn’t like the Megglin Kiddies, to which I replied, “Their dancing is for kiddies.” Milton then asking me to try to “Do this,” and he did a rather simply combinations of steps. I dutifully and easily copied what he had done.   To which Milton then ask me to then, “Do this.” Again I was able to replicate his combinations. This apparently was enough, and he replied, “I guess I am taking in a three year old.

I would thus begin work in what is called “Show-Biz,” at this early age.   There would be several wonderful years of dance training and performing before various groups, and, of course, the annual Shrine Auditorium grand talent shows. I was Milton’s little “Show Stealer” as he would put it.   I would join him alone on stage as he would introduce his portion of the show, and ask me what I would be doing. I would reply with whatever my song and dance would be called. Then Milton would say something like “I understand you just has a birthday.” To which I would reply, “Yes, I did.” His reply then was, “What did you ask for.”   “Oh, a few blocks.” He would then state, “That’s nice some blocks.” Then I would add the punch line, “Yes, some block on Wilshire,” still a very upscale commercial address. It was usually something like that, and it would always get a good laugh from the thousands in attendance.

I did love my years with Milton, but as I matured I would also train in the Ballet, only to discover from my Russian instructor Madam Tamara Lebro, that as I matured it became apparent that I would be anything but a slim svelte ballerina and instead strong and busty. My parts would be as the wicked witch or the evil villainess, rather than the prima ballerina. That was not why I was killing my feet on point. So what could I do but go back and concentrate on Jazz and interpreted dance, where I could, if good enough be the lead.

Of course, growing up in the Hollywood area will mean with any luck there are the possibilities of acting work. My parents enrolled me as a member of the Actors Children Guild, where I began work at the ripe age of five with a small bit on “Champaign for Caesar,” with Ronald Coleman. I was to be lifted by Mr. Coleman to a water fountain to take a drink. However, I was big for my age and I proved to not need to be lifted to the water fountain, so a smaller girl was found. I would only skip to the fountain take a drink and was relegated to the background playing on the swings, which was fine with me, but that should have forewarned me concerning my future in Hollywood. Still in the years to come my mother would dutifully take me to various interviews, and I made enough such roles that when I was no longer considered a child I joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

One note of interest, my father primarily did stunt work in Hollywood, and his Christmas tree business was a Holiday sideline, but in 1944 he worked in the Canterville Ghost, with Robert Young. A young girl impressed him with what my father described as a delightful “accent.” The girl was Margaret O’Brien, and he determined that his infant girl would have the opportunity to speak such perfect English. As soon as it was feasible I found myself studying at the Gibson School, learning to speak “Universal English.” It would be a great help in all that I would do later, even and perhaps especially in the religious world.

At sixteen and seventeen I had two studios, Universal and Fox, offer me six figure contracts to sign with them. However, the studio systems at this point were not what they had been, and when I learned that they would be telling me what to wear, where to be seen, and with whom I turned them down. I was very independent and had absolutely no desire for such a life, but desired the normal life of a school-girl. Then it was Hollywood High School would try to recruit me for their very fine dance and drama department, but with many of the King family attending North Hollywood High near my home, our stage productions gave us no reason to hang our heads. Many of us did go on to make a living in various forms of the entertainment world.

During my teen-aged years I did find some work, with all the ups and downs of anticipation and disappointment. You dress to kill, drag yourself and your portfolio filled with photos of yourself in every conceivable pose; from ingénue to sophisticate from one casting office to another, from one interview to the next in hopes of one more job. You read some ridiculous out-of–context dialogue often with someone pursing the same career, perhaps one of the prima donnas doing their best to upstage you, and worse the one behind the desk allowing the overacting. One in particular was Bob Balau, an over effected pretty boy. One wonders where he is today, for you do not see his name in lights? Then there was always the, “Take your coat off, and turn around I want to see how you move,” or worse, “lift you dress just a bit, dolly, I need to see your legs.”

Despite such disappointment, and often drudgery, when your agent calls with some urgency, “Get down at once to Desilu-Gower and read for a part on ‘My Three Sons.'” Having Italian blood the part called for a young “Gina Lollabrigida.” I would be immediately cast, well move over Gina! You say you haven’t seen my name up in lights either? It is not that I didn’t do a credible job, no one was displeased, but to be honest, like fashion coordinating, all the running around, the efforts here with interviews, and readings had become quite tedious, and then too often the work was infrequent, if at all. Add to that the reality that some of the people you had to work with gave you undertones, and overtures that implied a different pathway to fame and fortune. This was not how I wanted to make a living.

(The conclusion of Sharon book, “Where to from Here”

                                             Chapter 12, part three

All of which justified in his mind that he could with impunity cheat on his income taxes, and just about everything else. This made any relationship with him difficult, then we discovered he was also deeply involved with pornography, which made any association impossible. I would tell him he was ensnared in horrendous life choices, which would destroy him. To shake up his complacency, I cut off all contact in hopes of impressing on him his need to change. We had tried but sometimes there is no interested in learning or changing.

Then there is the story of Carol, who despite all my efforts was seemingly incapable of making the right decisions for her life. Carol was born to privilege and never wanted for anything. Her father was one of the most respected architects in the nation. Yet despite this she would face something none of us should have to face, which affected the rest of her life. Her mother committed suicide. Add to this was that her final note compared Carol unfavorably to me, and my accomplishments as a teenager. It was unfair, and I felt deeply distressed by all this. I suppose I tried to somehow make up for it, by doing all I could to include Carol in whatever I was doing; drama, dance, just our outings as teenagers, even included her in my wedding party.

But as she reached her twenties her decisions revealed self-destructiveness. She rejected all my advice and became quite promiscuous, which I found quite embarrassing. And especially uncomfortable when she would persistently urged me to follow her example, rather than her following mine. This would be followed by her making several suicides attempts, then she would move in with a man, and manipulated him into marriage. However, the “marriage” was violent, at one point even life threatening. He threw her down the basement stairs. But she felt being a married woman was more important than her own life. All the years that I pushed for sane and careful decisions went for naught. Her decisions were usually without any serious consideration, or concern for the consequences. Her husband would force her to move from Pasadena, to Iowa, then Florida, with more violence and pain, where I eventually lost all contact with her until I learned that she had died, how and in what way I do not know.

She had the best psychiatric help money could buy, without any perceivable change, which soured me on that “profession.” Her “need” for acceptance and “love,” would never be met given her choices. It was so sad, and nothing I had tried, said, or did helped. For some it is just not possible without God’s intervention, but then one must be willing to accept God’s word, and yes, His help. It is surprising how many are not willing.

It is clear that decisions are important. The choices we make, even the small one, can have far reaching consequences for good or ill. So it is imperative that we always endeavor to make the best decisions we possibly can. We are thinking rational being, and should learn from what has befallen others, think carefully about how our decisions may affect others, and understand that some will be resistant to the changes that good decisions will make. We need to listen to others, who have the experience and obvious wisdom, think about the consequences of our choices, and realize the positive and negative prospects of those decisions. So with all that, where to from here? Surely to something better, something richer, something that will better our lives, and those we love, because now surely our choices will be made on the solid ground of careful thought, reasons, and always the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God will bless the wise and thoughtful choices made in prayer.

The End

(It was Sharon wish that you dear people would enjoy her insights, and many illustrations on our need to make good decisions. Next month, as promised, we will begin Sharon’s autobiography. Those early years of hers in the various venues of show business, then meeting who would be her future husband, and their first few years together)

                                                       May, 2019

My Dear Partner in Faith:


As we return to our chronological journey through this gospel, now Matthew highlight a number of remarkable healings of Jesus, beginning with cleansing a leper (Mt. 8:1-4), and concludes by relating that Jesus, “healed every disease and every infirmity. For when He saw the crowds He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt. 9:35-36).

Jesus’ entire ministry is that of “the great shepherd.” He saw the need, and made people whole. All our gospels emphased that truth. This is something even affirmed by the ancient Jewish writings, where Jesus’ healings are attributed to His being a “sorcerer.” A scurrilous charge not unlike what Mathew records the Pharisees as saying; “He casts out demons by the prince of demons” (Mt. 9:24). Such an accusation is ludicrous, which our Lord exposes as such by stating, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand; and if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand? And if I cast out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they will be your judges. But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you” (Mt. 12:25-28).

Jesus was always compassionate and thus would heal, proving that God’s kingdom had come. In the Greek it is literally that he did “signs and might works.”   Jesus touching a leper would make others unclean, but He made them clean. With a word He heals the Centurion servant, and a touch heals Peter’s mother-in-law. This is followed by a story I especially enjoy, for again He silences the slander of the religious elite. They are incensed because He has the audacity to forgive a man’s sins. So Jesus responds, “Why do you think evil in your hearts? What is easier to say, ‘your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘rise and walk’? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” Then He said to the paralytic. “Rise, take up your bed and go home” (Mt. (9:4-6). By this might work Jesus proves He not only has the power to heal, but the authority to forgive sins.

This is why He came, and in the kingdom of God needs are to be met, and the haughty brought low. Jesus in these versed will exorcise thousands of demons, a woman will touch only the decorative tassels on the edge of His cloak and be healed. She will do this because her condition makes her “unclean,” and the outer edge of a cloak cannot be defiled. He will raise a little girl from the dead; open blind eyes, and deliver a “dumb demoniac.” And the crowds will marvel, saying, “Never was anything like this seen in Israel” (Mt. 9:33). Of course, there is so much more, so ask for my CDs, for there is nothing like our Lord’s proclamation of the kingdom of God and those “mighty works” of His.

Such things have rarely been seen. There is the early Apostolic Church, and anecdotal tales of phenomenal healings in many foreign lands, and I have been privileged to witness such. There are stories of remarkable growth of the fledgling churches in Nepal, in parts of Africa, China, and India all due to divine healing. It is said this is because this is where gather the spiritual forces. Here where God’s kingdom confront paganism, or where desperation and the abandonment of any other hope will meet in ultimate conflict.

If this is true, and it appears so, the ministry of Jesus, and the early church was the inauguration of God’s kingdom. It was to bring wholeness to all those previously excluded; lepers, the blind, lame, deaf, all those unclean, including the Gentiles. Yet, is this not still the Kingdom? Is this kind of proclamation not still needed? Is this not why we still need “mighty works?” I have never worked in a church that did not see a plethora of healings. And I am assured, as our culture strays further from its Christian roots, as our societies embrace this paganism, that spiritual forces will certainly empower our evangelism to confront this twisted secular religion, just as it did in the past and does in our world now. Thus I am not discouraged by the decent of our culture into a moral morass, but intend to continue to proclaim the Kingdom. Fully expecting by His Spirit to experience God’s kingdom proclaimed with such “might works,” as we confront our same adversary dressed again as paganism.


We shall always proclaim the kingdom of God,


Thomas Randolf Wyatt

                   “WHERE TO FROM HERE?”

Chapter Twelve, part 2,

“Just Where To From Here”

….we had a wonderful few months of successfully leading the small church into some marvelous growth. Tom would on the first Sunday after the senior pastor had returned, as he saw his reaction, or lack of reaction to the obvious health and vigor of the congregation, and failed to see a few other significant signs, Tom felt burdened. As he sought the Lord, he felt the unmistakable unction to resign immediately. This would in the natural seem irrational, we were a young family, with our first child not yet a year old, and no prospects. But we were to learn within the year that there was a movement in the church to try and force the senior pastor out in favor of Tom. This would have been disastrous to the church, to the reputation of everyone, and to our family, for the senior pastor was Tom’s father. The Spirit’s soft words to Tom made the projected plans irrelevant, and saved so much possible heartache.

Then there was the decision to begin our music ministry with The Wings of Healing. We were desirous of a fresh sound for the music on the broadcast, and a new theme song. The cost for the rights to use the music of others was almost prohibitive. Then I had the inspiration one night for a theme song, and from our recording of that inspired theme, grew a new ministry as God brought others to our attention. God inspired Robert, Kathleen, and yours truly, and we would write some beautiful music. We then brought a new fresh approach to some of the great old hymns that are in pubic domain, which means the can be performed at no cost. It was a series of decisions all prayerfully considered, and resulted in some wonderful recordings of divinely inspired songs for the ministry.

We have also learned to take care in whom you trust, especially in matters of finances. Seek those whom you know. Those whose character, virtue, and values you know, for perhaps you have seen them in their own times of decision and trials. We must learn from those low points in our lives. The tough times are far more likely to provide lessons, and the experience necessary for our futures, than when everything seems to be going great. Here is when we are tested, learn how we will react, not only to set backs, and difficulties; like losing a job, but even more when real tragedies strike, the death of a love one, or those natural disaster that destroys so much. These things do happen all too often, and in some degree will affect us all.

Then there are hopefully second chances, if necessary, that are offered if one is willing to try. There will be barriers to your efforts to remake, remold, or reconstitute your life, like those who do not want you to rehabilitate your life or reputation. But this should not deter you. There are always other options, other venues, or other places with different people. It is you that has the primary responsibility to change when it is necessary. It is you that must be true to who you are, or who you desire to become. If you have tarnished someone with your lies, deception, or worse, God forgives. But you must also be able to forgive yourself, do what you can to rectify what you may have done, and if others will not give you any room to remake, or try to undo a past mistake, you must move on.

Obviously, such is doubly difficult in divorce, grand theft, or with lies that damage reputations. Make what restitution you can, let those you have hurt know of your sincere, and it must be sincere, remorse, and your offer to pay back, restore the damage that has possibly been done as much as you are able. And in a marriage spend the time and energy to rebuild the trust again. Love can recover; it just takes time, and the willingness of both to try.

It is poor decision we have learned that destroy lives; it can the more obvious sins like adultery, alcoholism, drugs, or promiscuity, then those often less obvious like deception, hypocrisy, insincerity, or any number of other small but debilitating misdeeds, and it will usually be a combination of at least a couple of the above or others, for they are countless. And unfortunately there are those that either never listen, or just are unable to change their decision making processes.

A good example is of a younger man who entered our lives quite incidentally. His life was adrift with no direction, although he had a good job. He had, however, become susceptible to almost every conspiracy theory being promoted at the time; engrossed in things that only brought disorder and confusion to his life. All of which justified in his mind that he could with impunity ….. (book will conclude next month)


                 The Crux of Everything!

April 2019

My Dear Friend in Christ:


As we continue our way through the Gospel according to Matthew, the events celebrated this month does require us to jump to the end of Matthew’s narrative. So we will deviate from our chronological progress through Matthew this one time. For it is Easter, the birth of a new age, a new dawning for humanity. And if you believe that is overstating what we as Christians are commemorating this month, you would be wrong.   It may not be declaring what occurred strongly enough.

For example the word crux, is from the Latin word which means cross. But the word itself, crux, has come to mean “the decisive or most important point at issue.” The events of the cross and resurrection are the most decisive or important point of history, civilization, and let’s be forthright, the most important issue for the future. Everything that matters for humanity centers in these events. Because here portrayed in stark unavoidable colors are the nature, desire, and reality of God. Here for all to see is the love of God for our atonement, our adoption as His children, our own victory over death, our ultimate destiny, and more a love that is beyond our ability to describe or understand.

A love that empowers us to be more than conquerors, for as Paul relays there is nothing that can “separate us from that love of God;” “not death or life,” “not things present or things to come,” nothing of this creation, nothing that Satan can conjure up, nothing (Rm. 8:37-39)! This same Paul will in a rhapsody, a rapture of praise and inspiration describe in some detail this kind of love, and that it will “never end” (1 Cor. 13:4-8).   It is a truth that has been the attraction, the prevailing evangelistic force of our Christian faith. And this proclamation of God’s love has literally “forced” every other belief system on this planet to pay at least lip-service in their own so-called belief to some such love. Forcing them to bend what they actually believe, or ignore large swaths of their own “holy” writings to declare that they too, like Christianity, are a religion of peace and love.

However, there is only one religion that is peace and love, and it is on display this month with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And if He left that tomb, then there can be no problem with His healings or anything He is reported as doing? This is the event that defines our faith, and the preaching of this event has made Christianity the one world-wide religion. Here is the event that inspires millions to dedicate their lives to service, even unto death. Here is the event that so galvanized and altered the lives of a handful of men that they would stunned the foundations of The Jewish religion, and eventually overcome the greatest of the ancient empires, Rome. It would be said of them, “They turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6).

Why? Because they saw something, experienced something that would overwhelm their senses. They would meet their friend, the one they travel with, ate with, heard teach countless times, and yes, saw Him touch the lepers and make them clean, the lame and see them walk, the deformed and see them made whole, touch the blind and then they could see, and even stopping funeral processions. Yet they knew He had been cruelly crucified, murdered, yet now He stood before them, even ate before them to calm their fears (Lk. 24:43).

This entire events is so unique. There is nothing like it taught anywhere, and it birthed a movement that would be irresistible, and still is, as it grows in East Asia, throughout Africa, the Americas, even Europe now and in Arab lands. This is so because it is inspired, and enabled by God’s Spirit. It can never be irrelevant, never without answers, never without a vibrant witness, the kind that cannot be silenced.   Our detractors, the critics, skeptics, and atheists will never understand why this Christian faith does not fade away, disappeared as it should in this age of science, rationalism, and materialism. It simply doesn’t because, “He is risen Indeed.”   And that is the “decisive point.”


Oh, that we might always proclaim The Crux of the matter,



Thomas Randolf Wyatt