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From Showbiz to Sunday School
By Sharon Wyatt



I worked on “No Time” a lot, and always had a very good time. Everyone was very congenial, and like Bobby there were silent bits for me to do as well. Thank heavens without risk to any part of my anatomy! Laurie Siggald played a waitress in the show, and she and Sammy Jackson were sort of an item, but I think it was more a leading man leading lady kind of affection than anything else that brought them together.
One day we were madly shooting trying to finish before everyone went on overtime. Laurie was behind her counter doing her lines and dying on the vine, as she had drunk too much tea. I was working with her, and was tickled every time she looked at me. Finally, she had a few fleeting moments in which to make her way off the set, out of the stage door, and down the road to the ladies room. After completing her task, she had returned via the same route, and back before the camera, ready to resume her role as a calm collected waitress on an Air Force Base. Laurie was standing on her mark completely poised as this well trained ballerina could be, with one, or should I say two hitches. While the camera was rolling and Laurie was doing her close-up, I looked down behind her to notice two sopping wet apron sashes dripping toilet water all over the floor. Lori was so stately and lovely, and she would handle this like the lady she was. But that’s not to say we didn’t roar all the way to my house about her forgetting to lift her sashes in her mad rush.
The duration of the show was short-lived, I believe it was just 26 shows filmed. I guess there was a big advantage to being an extra, for even those shows that were unmercifully canceled by the sponsors, there was always something else being filmed, and more work to look forward to as an extra. Sadly, and I cannot continue without mentioning this, there were very good shows canceled. While some trite ones went along merrily. Oftentimes this was due to the fact that the show was placed in a poor timeslot, or up against a hit production, but enough of this maudlin subject for now.


The holidays were approaching and it is during this time that works seems to be the heaviest. Perfect timing, I’d say. But it didn’t allow much extra time for Christmas shopping, that was precisely why an extra long lunch hour was greatly appreciated. One extended lunch hour I will never forget, even though I’ve forgotten the name of the darling gal I spent it with at the Broadway Hollywood, once a landmark department store. We were working at Columbia Studios, so it was just a short hop to the Boulevard. We had three hours before we had to report back for work, and long Christmas lists to be completed so the time was not our own. We hurriedly parked and raced into the store. There was a time when it just wasn’t Christmas until I had spent time in the Broadway Hollywood.
So, this proved to be a pleasurable, even though we were slightly under pressure. You see we still wanted to go across the street to the Brown Derby for lunch when we finished our spree. Along with having gifts to buy for so many, we also wanted to shop for holiday dresses for ourselves. With all our rushing about in the intensity to find just the right thing for uncle Willy, mother, dad, Auntie Mame, etc., we neglected to notice a rather strange looking little fellow following us from one floor to another. The store was absolutely madness so he blended into the crowd. After we had pretty well filled our lists and feeling quite good about ourselves, we proceeded to the better dresses department, even though we had pretty well exhausted our funds, and put a strain on our checkbooks. Nonetheless these two undaunted shoppers headed for the cocktail gowns. I have forgotten to mention that our call at the studio this day called for very smart clothes, dressed for a ….
(Continued next month)

“From Show Biz to Sunday School”
By Sharon Leann Wyatt aka Sharon Leigh

On this one particular occasion, we were all out on the big field on the Warner Bros. back lot. That was today dressed up for a military parade. It was to be a marching exercise culminating in passing in review by the grandstands that were all set up for the “brass.” We were taught that morning, by a technical advisor, a lieutenant colonel who had served many years in the Air Force. We were to learn how to march in rank and file, double stepping and counter marching, and we marched all morning until we look like the real thing. This would later be interspersed with stock shots of the authentic Air Force doing their uniforms proud. We girls were shot first passing in review at close angle to the camera.
Bobby always took every job to heart and was very serious about any part he had to do. Bobby was so gung ho, especially when he had something special as today when he was chosen to carry the flag. T.H. was marching just behind and to the side of Bobby, who was also named, due to an out of proportion derriere “bubble butt Bobby,” or “bubble.” Which ever you prefer, who was doing his usual over acting as he, with great gusto marching towards the VIP stands, and the camera. The determined expression on his face was near comical, as he bore Old Glory. The drum cadence, the rhythmic beat as the squad drew closer and closer to Bobby’s silent bit. He was fairly busting his buttons with his having been chosen to do this special job. Well, he was about to have his big bubble burst, for T.H. had in his hand the biggest safety pin I had ever seen. And the long, sharp point had a mission to accomplish, and that was to be jammed squarely into the unsuspecting protrudance of “bubble.”
The precise moment when Bobby was directly in front of the stands, conjuring up every motivation he had ever learned in drama class, and now marching directly toward certain doom for the over exuberance Extra. The prankster, TH, was poised and ready to fire the guided missile, “hep two, three,” and with that T.H.’s arm came back with the deliberate swing, and thrust forward, taking careful aim at Bobby’s “big bubble.” Bobby, with the flurries began his silent bit as TH his arm came forward…. contact, the pin was inserted, and Bobby was thrown forward with a gasp and a wince of pain and shock! The impact hurled Bobby at least 29 inches off the ground.
“Cut, Cut, Cut!” The angry director screened out. “What the hell’s the matter with you May?” Bobby stood, looking at the director, with a Charlie Brown expression on his face. Knowing how irritated the director was, as he hoped to get this in one take, we all kept as quiet as we could. Though we were desperately holding back our laughter so hard we nearly exploded. Lips clenched tight, quivering under the pressure of near erupting hilarity. Bobby gathered his pride as the troops took an about face and returned to their out of camera marks. Bobby came through like the old trooper he was, and though he didn’t emote nearly as much as the first take, he carried the stars and stripes with a proud chest held high, and a wounded fanny held even tighter.
Dear Bobby! Believe me, I didn’t dislike the man at all. He was good to have around, for he brightened up many a set, if with nothing else than his “success” stories from all those shows he had previously worked, and with deference to Mr. Red Buttons, all the time he had doubled him.
I worked on “No Time” a lot, and always had a very good time. Everyone was very congenial, and like Bobby there were silent bits for me to do as well. Thank heavens without risk to any part of my anatomy! Laurie Siggald played a waitress in the show, and she and Sammy Jackson were sort of an item, but I think it was more a leading man leading lady kind of affection than anything else that brought them together.
One day we were madly shooting…..

(continued next month)

” A Kingdom Divided”
July 2020
My good and faithful friend:

We have of late been witnesses to a horrific killing, a clearly an unnecessary death capture forever digitally. It is an event that has thrown my nation into deep soul searching, and has inspired “protest” throughout the world. It has also been a pretext for the few to impose upon our cities violence, destruction, and unfortunately more killings. This is not mourning over inexcusable abuse and a man’s death, but the desire to see the destruction not just of America, not just our republics, not just our Western civilization, but also our Christian faith. The masks are off (except when they are burning business and police cars), there’s no effort now to hide their identity. They will not debate, they demand. They don’t want truth, only the howl of the mob. You don’t negotiate, you submit, prostrate yourself, confess your guilt, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.
We are witnessing a pail imitation, at least so far, of the Chinese Cultural revolution, Stalin’s seizure of the Bolshevik revolution, and the National Socialists (NAZI’s) overwhelming of the German Weimar Republic. I don’t believe they will fully succeed at this time, but the “left,” “progressives,” “marxists,” never give up. They do not value truth, honor, or virtue. And facts are of no interest, they agitate emotions, so they can label those they would denigrate before destroying.
The real source of such mayhem has been around awhile, for we find it related in our Bible. Matthew’s gospel relates one such incident, which will follow the healing of a man both blind and mute. Not just a handful, but all the people were “astonished,” and the effect is displayed as a question, “Can this be the Son of David” (Mt.12:22-24)? The crowd seems perplexity and our expressing an intriguing possibility. Jesus, so unlike the expected Davidic Son; but with such signs as this could He just possibly be the Messiah? But the Pharisees did not see in this perceived unschooled bumpkin even a remote possibility of His being the Messiah. But the reaction of the crowd to the miracle requires a response.
Their response is to label Jesus with the most scurrilous and perverse charge they can imagine, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this man casts out demons.” This for the Judeans of the time was the worse one could say of anyone. Kind of like calling someone in our day a “racist,” or “white supremacists.” Knowing their thoughts, Jesus responds with unassailable logic. “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city (or nation) or house divided against itself will stand; and if Satan casts out Satan he is divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand?…But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you” (25-26,28).
One can see the parallel to our present situation. Our nations, our civilization are divided, seemingly irreparably so, and cannot long so endure. There are forces that will indulge in literally anything, for gaining or maintaining power justifies anything. Truth, honor, and virtue has no place in their thinking. They will stoop to anything to defame, and destroy what we may hold dear. Our Republics lie in the balance, so know this as we celebrate the founding, the beginnings of our two “Great Democracies.”
The accuser of mankind, our ancient adversary will not stop at nothing to bring down our faith, and thus everything else. Yet we know He will not succeed. He is doomed and he knows it. Our Lord and Savior was, and is, engaged in a struggle, and thus so are we, with this destroyer of souls, who would do the same to our faith, and our civilization. This struggle will only grow more intense, but so too will our Lord’s response. In this struggle there is no neutrality, there can’t be. One is on one side or the other. But the end is written, we know how it ends, and so does Beelzebul. He can’t win! So I pray that you, I, and all those we hold dear remain steadfast; overcomers who will receive our crowns.

Our God is in control,

Thomas R. Wyatt