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From Show Biz to Sunday School
By Sharon Leann Wyatt aka Sharon Leigh

The Queen Annie Cottage….Part Two

However, this antiquarian took an immediate liking to me. All of his overtures were purely Victorian and quite inoffensive, at first. He was eons older than myself, and though I should have been flattered, I quite honestly just tolerated him. I could have never been unkind, as he was extremely gentlemanly toward me, but old and not a bit attractive, which made all of his advances far more annoying than flattering. Had a younger, or a more handsome man used this dear man’s tact, I may have had my head turn. But he simply did not have an iceberg’s chance in Hades. Besides, I was faithfully engaged at the time, and totally committed. Nonetheless, even with my manners being just polite and not swooning over his sonnets supposedly inspired by my so-called innocent charm, he absolutely did not get the message.
It was not the set I had hoped it would be, working with Ginger Rogers. As a hoofer I just naturally had respect for the work she had done with the wonderful, Mr. Astair. I imagine Ms. Rogers and I as having at least one grand conversation on the subject, but, alas, there was never a word exchange. Quite honestly, she seemed terribly conceited, and cold. Usually that can be over looked and even penetrated with most, who like myself, have a mutual interest. But in this case, she all but ignored me at all cost. We worked together several days, on this small set, but she was not about to engage in a conversation with me, and I respected her seeming contempt for me having to be there.
Actually, Carol Lawrence was of the same ilk, and may I say, that too was a disappointment, as I had hoped to have a nice chat with her, as the musical stage was where I desired to direct my outside career as a stage entertainer. And to date had already had a fair amount of experience. But she seemed terribly wrapped up in herself, and my desire to hear any stories on the subject was dashed before more than one word was spoken. I often wondered if I should have been asserted and just engaged in a conversation and hoped for the best. But that was not Sharon Leigh of so long ago.
For three days, what went on was, of course, Abraham showing up every morning with new energy and another poem for me. On the last day of shooting, I walked up to the porch in the front of the house, and was gazing out over the lake. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs around the corner of the house. I knew exactly who it had to be, and indeed I was right, for even before he came into view, he began a soliloquy in his best Shakespearean style with one arm up in front of him and the other clenched at his heart. He filled the afternoon air with his pear-shaped tones, dripping with the passion and fervor that no Burton or Olivier could have better expressed. I felt a bit uncomfortable standing against the railing, smiling back at him in appreciation for the performance. All the while wishing he would have just stayed back with the rest of the cast and crew, who had stopped what ever they were doing to watch this ridiculous scene going on between the smitten old actor and the polite twenty-one-year-old extra. Oh, what they must have been thinking as they observed the scene that are only described in bad romance novels.
We returned to the studio that evening. I went into the wardrobe department to change into my own street clothes, and give back the studio costume. I came out into the common hall that linked the makeup department and wardrobe, and started down the corridor all alone. I had hoped to keep it that way, when I heard the melodic tones of my senior supplicant. At least I thought him to be humble and cautious in his advances, but how wrong this young girl was in judging this geriatric Casanova. I turned about to face my pursuer with the perpetual fervor, and if it weren’t bad enough that he was shorter than myself, older than myself by many years, and certainly in much more romantic mood than myself, he had his makeup removed, and to add insult to injury had removed his toupee.
(continued next month)

From Show Biz to Sunday School
By Sharon Leann Wyatt aka Sharon Leigh

The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Long Lunch Breaks (Part Three)
The Queen Annie Cottage….Part One

Sometimes we had to wear them all day, and in doing so would completely forget that they were on our feet.
This occasion was no exception, and given the fact that it was Christmas Eve made getting home urgent. My car was parked in the lot across the street, but I had to walk up to the corner to cross at the signal. I struggled along in my evening outfit and hat, never once looking down. In front of any studio people drive by and have to look at everyone just hoping to catch a glimpse of somebody. Well I did have a few snickers as the hopefuls passed by, but I kept my nose in the air and headed for my mother’s falcon. I had to stop by the market on my way home to pick up some last minute items for Christmas dinner. I grabbed these items and even a beautiful poinsettia and went to the long line at the checkout stand. While waiting my turn to pay for the armload of goods I happened to look down, much to my horror I was still wearing my muffle booties. I buried my face in the poinsettia turning as red as the beautiful big flowers that I was so glad I was purchasing. All I could think as I felt every eyes on my feet is, what a fashion statement! I wanted to laugh, and did, which only added to the total look of the screwy-lady-in-the-weird-shoes shaking all over!

The early morning was cold and overcast, a gray haze drifted about in a fog like ballet. Were we going to be able to shoot or not? The assistant director informed us that we would go over to the location site and see what the weather had in store for us at the Los Angeles Arboretum, also known as the Lucky Baldwin estate. The locale of this very impressive garden of the once notorious gambler was in Arcadia, California. Just across the street from Santa Anita racetrack. The weather had not changed to more favorable conditions in the 20 or so mile trip from Universal studios, as the limo pulled into the special driveway. This gate gives access to only those such as we who were from a studio, ready to use their many facilities that have played host to more than one production.
For this particular show, we would be using the Queen Anne Cottage that really gained fame when years later it was used in the Fantasy Island TV series. It seemed to me foggier, and even eerier as the limo wound around through the 127 acres en route to the red and white charmer; that was in this case to be in Brazil. I was to be a maid in this show, and the only extra. There were the stand-in for Ginger Roger, Carol Lawrence, and Dannelly Rhodes, but among the players on this set there was only myself, and an old character actor named Abraham Sofair.


My faithful Friend: September, 2020
It has been distressing to witness societal disarray laid over what is being called a pandemic. The combination has ripped a hole in the fabric of our civilization, which was already severely torn, and has made clear that the responses to these calamities is pathetic, certainly misguided, if not criminal. All this as I watch for another night my once hometown of Portland in flames, but now it’s not just a family’s little pizzeria or convenience store on fire, but American flags and Bibles.
Those supposedly charged with public security appear incompetent or accommodating, probably both. And now those supposedly in charge of several American cities have given free rein to anarchist, and openly avowed communists gangs. Those once “mostly” (whatever “mostly” now means) peaceful protests by those sincerely aggrieved over the death of George Floyd have now been totally co-opted. Now it’s about the “Revolution,” just read their printed manifestos. It’s about the utter destruction of Western Civilization, and they make no effort to hide it, so I’m not surprised by the burning of Bibles.
This, while many of our communities have submitted to the dictates of a few “experts,” and shut down; in the case of America an economy in excess of 20 trillion, all because of a virus with a mortality rate that has now fallen below 1%. This, while millions have lost everything, thousands of businesses lost, gone, thousands avoid medical care for fear and their lives cut short, not to mention more thousands in depression and what follows from that. We were told to stay home, when it’s now obvious we should have been outside in the sunshine and fresh air. There is only one case of this virus being contracted outside. Our children should have been in school. They are over five times more likely to succumb to the seasonal flu than this virus. I know, of course, if you’re over 65 and not in great health, if you feel ill, or coughing, or you have one or two of the health issues that this virus likes to exploit you should use “common sense,” which seems to be sorely lacking. And extended care facilities should have been treated like ICUs. But taken as a whole the public reaction to this pandemic is one of the worst mistakes ever made. And the future will reveal that far more have died from the overreaction to this virus, than the virus itself.
When this kind of news piles up one needs to turn to the Bible, there are so many passages, but this time I turned to Philippians. There is Paul in prison facing possible execution by the Emperor (Phil. 1:20), dear Epaphroditus came close to death bringing a gift from the church (2:27), there was a conflict between two women which adversely effected the church (4:2-3), and then those who would “afflict” Paul “out of partisanship,” possibly those he calls “dogs” (1:17; 3:2). Despite this, I hear his triumphant notes! Paul rejoices that his imprisonment has “served to advance the gospel,” even to the “Caesar’s household” (1:12; 4:22). That he “count(s) everything as loss for the sake of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord… And that He will “press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call in Christ Jesus”(3:14). Then will add that he has, “learned in whatever state I am, to be content…in any and all circumstances I have learned the secret…I can do all things in Him who strengthens me”(4:11-13). His is victorious despite or because of everything that has befallen him.
Then for the Philippians, Christians just like us, he will say, “God who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion,,,” (1:6). That “God is at work in you, both to will, and to work for His good pleasure” (2:13), and “my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (4:19). There is, of course, so much more in this little letter, but I really like the little admonishments he adds. Words so pertinent for a time such as now, “Hold true to what (you) have attained” (3:16), “Stand firm in the Lord” (4:1), and “hold fast the word of life so that in the Day of Christ I may be proud that I did not labor in vain… (2:16). Let such words sink in, “hold true or fast,” Stand firm.” As always this is too long, just like my sermons, but let me close with my own translations of these incredible and timely words of Paul, “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything make your request known with thanksgiving in all your prayers and supplications to God” (4:6).
Let us leave our anxieties with Him, trust Him, hold fast in our faith, and stand firm for the Lord, and in thanksgiving make all our requests known to a God, I know He’s listening.

He really is in control,

Thomas Randolf Wyatt

There is Always Hope…”

October, 2020
My Good friend:

Years ago, it doesn’t seem that long ago but it was, I thought of myself as a political liberal, but things changed. Back then it was an unwavering support of free speech, regardless of its content, the necessity of a free press, and always the free expression of religion. With the riots in Berkeley California while I was in Seminary my perspective changed. Liberalism was swallowed by something foreign to what I knew, believed, and loved. Anti-war protests became violent and hate filled directed even on friends of mine returning from Vietnam. Men who had done only what their country had asked them to do. Then the wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King, of a world “where we are judged by the content of our character not the color of our skin,” became in nearby Oakland an excuse for the “Black Panthers” to extort, rape, and murder for their own ends.
Yes, liberalism became for me disingenuous and destructive, but that was then. Now it’s worse, everything that was once basic to liberal thought is upside down; free speech is now ‘only what I want to hear or else it’s hate speech,’ and our college students require ‘safe places’ to recover from contrary thinking, there is no free press, except in a very few places, which are under constant attack, and religion, let’s say it, primarily Christianity is disparaged, and now most church buildings closed. As has been said, “when truth based facts are discounted, lies become normal.”
Just a few years ago we would have thought all this impossible, so is this what Paul warned the Thessalonians would proceed our Lord’s parousia, His coming, the “apostacy?” Probably not, for we have seen such dire cultural destruction before, yet one day things like this will escalate to a point that all previous similar horrendous events will seem trivial. Like the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple when hundreds of thousand were crucified with two even three nailed to one cross, or when the barbarian destroyed the Roman Empire and brought an end to that civilization and a darkness beyond anything we can as yet imagine, or when the Black Plague decimated Europe and the Middle East killing in some regions over half the population bringing such misery and fear that it makes this little virus we are experience seem trivial.
It is why I would state to those who say, “things can’t get any worse,” ‘you have no idea what Satan can do.’ But, and this is important, when Jerusalem and the Temple fell as Jesus prophesied, it was Christianity that saved Biblical monotheism, when Rome fell it was Christianity that saved civilization, when the plague decimated much of the world, it was Christianity that would rebuild. It was Christianity that saw the conversion of the Vikings ending that scourge, and those of Attila, and countless other invasions, plagues, and despots. And it will be Christianity again that will turn fear to hope, darkness to light, and reveal once more what is truth. It is always this faith, and only this faith that is able to overcome all the efforts of that vile adversary of mankind. You know of whom I speak!
Yes this morphing of liberalism into ‘progressiveness’ has poisoned everything it touches, our Universities are largely destroyed as places of wisdom, ‘modern art’ is something your grandchildren with finger paints can improve on, popular music is usually degrading and often only filth, and progressivism, this new leftist politics, has also poisoned our governments. They put no value in truth, any lie, use any subterfuge; anything is permitted so as to gain or keep power. But I believe Christianity will once more be the bulwark, the hedge, the breakwater to the flood. It has in the past, and as long as our Lord has purpose in such Republics that are founded on Judaic-Christian ideals, He will see His purpose accomplished. Is this republic system indeed “the world’s last best hope” as Abraham Lincoln stated? In the early 1860s everything was hanging by a thread, as it seems to be now. But God’s purpose, His will, whatever it is, will succeed. So I have hope, for Paul states that three things do remain, “faith, hope, love abide” (1 Cor. 13:13). Our faith is unshakable, our love will “bear all things,” and there is always hope. Hope in the wisdom of our people, hope in some of our leaders, and always hope in what God will do.

Besides, our “Lord’s purpose is unchangeable,” more on that next month!

Thomas Randolf Wyatt