The Wings of Healing • Thomas R Wyatt
Ministries around the World


  When my grandfather began this ministry his desire was always and remained the deliverance of people. Be it deliverance from illness, afflictions, or any and all attacks of the enemy, he wanted God’s people liberated, and this ministry reflected that passion. It remains so, but also I want to see people delivered from deception, poor or faulty teaching, and outright lies. We endeavor to do so by proclaiming the whole council of God. Actually this last problem has plagued our faith from the beginning, while praying for healing has been taught throughout out history, if not always emphasized. And that was my grandfather’s genius, for he saw that in his time the almost total lack of proclaiming God’s willingness to see us whole. Now such proclamations are acknowledged in most of Christianity, and in many ways it’s responsible for the incredible growth of a vibrant Christianity in South America, Africa, and much of Asia. I have related the fact that in 1950 there were no Christians in Nepal at all, yet a mere fifty years later there were over half a million. Eighty per-cent of who have experience miraculous healings, many of which defy any medical explanations.[1] That is what is called extraordinary miracles! It has been observed often that at the forefront of all such engagements with unbelief and hostile forces there is seemingly a “concentration of spiritual forces” that can and often does result in “great signs,” extraordinary ones. I believe this is what drew my father; Max Wyatt to constantly seek to minister in the most remote, and under evangelized regions of our globe. Here he witnessed the extraordinary; a boy born blind able to see, scores of others recovering their sight, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, lepers cleansed, demons cast out, even the dead to rise. Almost every trip, and there were many, and always the witness of the moving of the power of God to deliver, heal, and make whole. I keep using the word “whole,” because we should seek total wholeness, which will often involve more than physical healing, but emotional, spiritual, financial, or relational healing. I have shared this now so as to relate a current desire, based on my strong and insistent belief; that in our current so-called “post-Christian” society we need our own great “concentrated of spiritual forces.” We presently face a reborn and invigorated gathering of hostile forces, as we become the new mission field. This, even though we remain the two most vibrant Christian nations in the Western world, but that is only because our faith’s hold on Europe and in the other English speaking republics has faded so drastically. And even here, to a large extent, too many of our people know nothing of Christianity. The total ignorance of Jesus and our Christian beliefs are staggering, especially by our young people. This is our fault; we as Christians have failed to teach effectively. We need to rise from our lethargy and complaisance and display our faith openly and proudly, for it is the only hope for this entire globe. I believe fervently, that God is not done with us. Not just yet! And we surely as the new mission field will see that convergence of spiritual powers. And we will witness as we face the vile and threatening efforts of sinister forces, as Paul did, “extraordinary miracles.” Miracles, or healings that are beyond the ordinary (Acts19:11). All this I believe He will do to confound the tormentors of our faith. Our God will once again move in a great resurgence of the Spirit, not just here on this continent, but all over the world, this “so the word of Lord (will grow) and (prevail) mightily” (v20).   We have only to gain, by proclaiming …TRUTH,   Thomas Randolf Wyatt