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Our Outreaches

This is a list of the international missions we support.  Sadly, because of the limits of our budgets and their resources, It’s very difficult to get up to date images from our international partners.  They have understandably placed food, clothing, shelter and healthcare above technology.  While smartphones with megapixel cameras have become commonplace around the world, these missions are so desperate they struggle to acquire basic needs, and few of them even have electricity.  Forget having a computer to access the Internet and send us regular photos.

With that understanding, We would like to introduce you to our International Missions:

Guatemala:  Working with friends we have been serving the needs of the destitute that live in the barrio near the city dump of Guatemala City.  Recently, Guatemala’s most active volcano erupted with the greatest destruction in more than a century, killing at last count 62 people and perhaps thousands more still missing. The death toll will surely rise, as this eruption, unlike those in Hawaii, has what is called pyroclastic flows, which is deadly as it quickly moves down the mountain slopes. The Villages on the slopes of Mount Fuego have been engulfed by this mixture of hot gas and volcanic ash, and the Town of El Rodeo is completely buried.  We have already provided what assistance we could, more is need in this poverty stricken nations. We are hoping more will be able to help.


Guatemalan food distribution

Haiti: We are aiding the remarkable orphanage, “God’s Littlest Angels,” which has taken in still more infants, and young children. And there is so much more work that can be done. As some of these youngsters are in need of serious medical care, and always there are the needs to house, clothe, and feed these abandoned children. This is a wonderful group of people who work with children that are often ill, suffering, and abandoned.       The rebuilding is complete now after the horrendous hurricane, but needs remain we but ask that you do what you can for the most vulnerable among those in this poverty torn nations.


India: Soon India will be the most populous nation on our globe o it will remain a vital and important outreach. Also orphans, abandoned children, and those children of poverty stricken families also remain in need. Our friends in this nation continue their care of the Wings of Healing’s Children’s Home, and train and inspired the pastors and evangelists, as they plant churches throughout this region of India.  The ignored and denigrated lower castes are a rich and ripe field for the gospel. As we know the caste or ‘racist’ system in India still controls Indian society. It is so important that we pray for, encourage, and provide what we can for this vital region of the world. India as well is one of the most dangerous nations for Christians, as violence against churches and pastors too often goes unpunished, or simply ignored. This as all must know only encourages more. Remember Pastor Samuel Finny Pachigalla, and our other partners. This at a time when more Muslim, Hindus and Buddhist are turning to Christ than ever before. God is moving, and that means the enemy will mount his efforts to stem the tide. We must be vigilant in our prayers, and doing whatever we can to help those of our faith who are on the front lines.

I have personal friends in a vibrant indigenous Church in Surabaya, East Java. They report that they are still able to worship with out serious hindrance, but the government is becoming more radicalized, and favoring the Islamic majority.  These are fine Christians, and they ask for our prayers, that they be able to continue to proclaim the Gospel.  


Iraq/Kurkestan: We are aiding our friend who helping the displaced and endangered religious minorities in this region of the world. ISIS may be fortunately nearly gone, but the violence and war continues, and perhaps even more chaos is to follow in this tragic area of our globe. There may remains a residue from decades of conflict, which has left the religious minorities, like Christians in dire striates. Things are still not stable in most of these areas to securely rebuild and many do not have the resources to even begin. Our hearts are with for our Christian brothers and sisters, as we continue to do all we can in these war torn lands. The Chaldeans, Assyrians, Melkites, Antochian, Armenians, and Syriac Christians all have been under attack, and singled out for extinction. It would be such a horrific crime, for their only fault is being Christians. And some of these dear people are part of the oldest Christians communities in the world, over two thousand years in existence.  First, they need our prayers, and then whatever the Lord puts on your heart.


Israel:  We also have a new opportunity, partnering with some old friends, to aid some destitute Jewish Holocaust survivors who now at long last reside in Israel.  Ask the Lord what He would have you do.  It is our hope that this surprising need will touch your heart, as we endeavor to provide the very basics in food, clothing, and well being to bless those of Israel, and especially these aging survivors of the worst genocide of modern times. We all pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but now there is the opportunity to do more than pray.

Aiding the fairly recent elderly immigrants from Eastern Europe who survived the Holocaust, then the Soviets, and now must survive their want and privation.


KenyaOur friends in Kenya are endeavoring to expand evangelism into the most remote and inaccessable regions of this most critical African nation. This region is becoming more and more violent for the same reason as that of Syria and Iraq. Kenya, although a vastly majority Christian nation is now one of the most dangerous nations for Christians because of a small but particularly virulent form of religious extremism. I want all to pray and help our friends in this region in their efforts to evangelize the more isolated villages. These efforts are critical, so please do pray, and do what you can for these evangelists in this East African nation.


Nigeria: We are hearing from our long time friends and partners in Nigeria of continuing hostility and repression from various violent sects of Islam; burning churches, sacking villages, and abducting young girls for unspeakable purposes. It is becoming so commonplace that the press here in North American no longer bothers to cover it. It is making travel, and obviously evangelism extremely hazardous in certain areas.  Please pray for these soldiers of the cross, and do what you can to help. Much of the entire continent of Africa is in tumult, and we have friends in several regions that do need our prayers and help. National governments are teetering on collapse, and others that have become rigid dictatorships. Yet the work of Christians has been truly remarkable. Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, even Nigeria have large and growing Christian majorities and we want to continue to aid them in prayer and any way we can, with evangelism, the Bible School in Nigeria, and the many churches.


Philippines: We have a long standing relationship with an indigenous Bible School in the Philippines. There are many churches that have been established in this nation over the many decades of our’s and other’s involvement, are doing well. These indigenous works are the best evidence that God’s Spirit is active in every nation, but still there is the request for our prayers, and any aid we can offer.

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