The Wings of Healing • Thomas R Wyatt
Ministries around the World

From Showbiz to Sunday School

The Dream That Changed Everything (Part four)   I undoubtedly was a bit early that day, as was duly noted by the crew members. But by the time I had my cup of mocha Java, the rest of the cast was beginning to come in. I forgot to mention that, I was on a silent bit, and the two carry over checks reflected that pay as well. Ah, laughing all the way to the bank, as if I weren’t in high spirits enough. I was on the set and on my mark when entered my hero. My heart skipped a few beats, and then I felt my face flush to crimson. Try, though I may, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. There he was, the man that so filled my dream and so preoccupied my weekend. I was transfixed, his eyes caught mine, and he quickly said, “Hi hon!” My hand came up to my chest, and I quickly drew a deep breath, and breathlessly uttered, “good morning.” I sounded as though I was doing an impersonation of Marilyn Monroe. I just had to compose myself, speaking under my breath, “get a hold of yourself my dear, remember what you learned in Gibson.” Recalling the special school my father had sent me to that I might learn to speak properly and in that “delightful accent” of Margaret O’Brien. However, no amount of self-inflicted pep talks was going to help, I was turning to a mass of puppy love and violets. “Buck up old girl, it’s only 7:45 in the morning, you will be around this man all day. What will you be like come the afternoon?” My wee small voice I’m afraid was fighting a losing battle…”Sharon, you imbecile, you’ve never been like this a day in your life, what on earth are you doing to yourself.” I was broken out of my stupor by Edson Stroll, who was asking me if I had a good Thanksgiving weekend. “Oh yes, it was wonderful, thank you…glorious.” Edson smiled a rather knowing grin, and asked if I were in love.   “No…uh…ah…um… Edson, why do you ask?” “You answered my question for me, who’s the lucky fellow, your fiancé?” That hit me like a ton of bricks, suddenly I felt a cold chill, the expression on my face became very serious. I swallowed deeply and drew my hand up to my neck. My eyes, which hadn’t quit looking at the floor for the past few moments slowly looked up at Edson. I hesitated over my answer, and then very contritely said, “No.” In disbelief, Edson retorted, “Sharon, I don’t believe this.” All I could do was shrug my shoulders. Edson took my hand and patted it in a consoling manner, and told me, “That happens!” Edson was a gentle man he seemed to always be able to engage in conversations whether long or short. One of his favorite subjects being his yacht, which was also his home, but he hired it out for cruises on weekends and during vacations.   The name of the boat and its dinghy was the Mortgager and the Mortgagee. This was no small yacht; I believe it was one hundred and twenty five feet. And so went the day, with my heart jumping every time Gary glanced my way, and dancing with Bobby Wright, not Mr. Right, but a very nice fellow and a fun dance partner. Every time Gary said even one word to me it was like a shot in the arm. Gary and I never had the drawn out conversations like Edson and I had. It just never happened. I guess Gary just wasn’t as wordy, or maybe it was because the opportunity never really presented itself. But as I said, one word was all I needed to get my heart off to rapid succession of beats. When the day came to a close, I felt a twinge of sorrow, the next day I would not be working at Universal, and I felt very melancholy about that. At least if I were to be on the lot, I might catch a glimpse of Gary, but alas, I’d be at MGM. We finished up the day, everyone bidding one another good night, and Gary said to me, “Bye, hun!” “Bye, Gary,” I tried desperately to casually communicate, and felt somewhat successful. Edson smiled his knowing grin, and said, ” I hope we see you soon.” I have often wondered if he knew before that day was over, who my love interest was. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised! I survived the day very well, I thought, but I barely could stand the thought of not being back. Oh well, maybe some day soon, I hoped. I couldn’t wait to see Gary again. That night, my fiancé telephoned me and ask if he might come by for a visit. I told him no, that I had a very early call the next morning, I lied. (continued next month)                      

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