The Wings of Healing is an international ministry, with a world wide radio ministry, and also helps maintain Children homes, relief stations, churches, and Bible schools around the globe.


Thomas Randolf Wyatt, an introduction

Thomas R Wyatt was born the son and grandson of Pentecostal ministers. He would be the first of his family to attend college. That being Oregon State University, and did so on an athletic scholarship for Track and Field. Upon finishing college, rather than a Bible School for his theological education, he entered what is…

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About Us

Brief History of the Wings of Healing: The Wings of Healing Radio Ministry was born of the aspiration and foresight of Dr. Thomas Wyatt. In 1942, it was a leap of faith to launch such a ministry during the depths of World War II. Yet with the spiritual insights and anointed messages, soon the broadcast…

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God’s Creatures by Jennifer Wyatt

GOD CREATURES By Jennifer Wyatt I can’t recall where we got our first “feeding sock” full of nyjer seed but the morning after we hung the ugly thing up, we had such a beautiful show of bright yellow finches, that we were beside ourselves. They were right outside our picture window, so close, so adorable…

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