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Is this ministry still Full Gospel in its orientation as it once was back in the time of the Voice of Healing revival and Latter Rain movements?

How can I get electronic copies of The Founder’s sermons?

What church/Movement is Wings of Healing affiliated with?

We are charismatic, but teach the entirety of scripture. I don’t know of any Voice of Healing revival, but knew it as the “Laying on of hands” revival. or Latter Rain. There are few electronic and no digital copies of my grandfather’s sermons, just a few CDs, as Evelyn Wyatt revoiced most of the best sermons for her time on the radio. We are not affliated with any present movement, for there is nothing of real worth, presently. I do attend “Southland,” a charismatic group of churches here in Southern California that believes in the exercise of all spiritual gifts.

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