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Is this ministry still Full Gospel in its orientation as it once was back in the time of the Voice of Healing revival and Latter Rain movements?

How can I get electronic copies of The Founder’s sermons?

What church/Movement is Wings of Healing affiliated with?

We are charismatic, but teach the entirety of scripture. I don’t know of any Voice of Healing revival, but knew it as the “Laying on of hands” revival. or Latter Rain. There are few electronic and no digital copies of my grandfather’s sermons, just a few CDs, as Evelyn Wyatt revoiced most of the best sermons for her time on the radio. We are not affliated with any present movement, for there is nothing of real worth, presently. I do attend “Southland,” a charismatic group of churches here in Southern California that believes in the exercise of all spiritual gifts.

Victoria Jardine-Naranjo

I heard the 23rd Psalm message this morning and was just blessed beyond words! I would love to get a copy of the radio program so my 22 yr. Old grandson can hear it. His name is Elijah Grant Decker and he is currently incarcerated! He has a court date set for sentencing on 5/15/23. Please pray for God’s mercy and favor. We are praying for God’s will but missing Elijah’s release as well as his freedom from addictions and the mental health issues that affect him. My address is 477 E. Scott Street Rialto, CA 92376. 909-717-1219 Thank you so much I will keep your ministries in my prayers as well! Thanks so much!

Victoria Jardine-Naranjo

I would love to get the newsletter!

Dave Moyer

I was browsing the Internet looking for people from my past and found you. We have taken different paths in life, but I have found memories of our living together in the Broadway apartment. I also remember how you met Sharon and how she visited you in Oakland. I’m sorry to hear of her passing. I’m now living in a senior complex in Indian Wells. Now 82 and have numerous health issues that limit my mobility, but I keep moving. Hope this finds you in good health.

Dave: really sSorry I rarely check this section, but was touched that you wrote. If we have taken different roads, that just how life is. I wanted to pastor, and did a little, but then this “family” ministry was thrust upon me. Now I’m 81, and neither of my boys desire this, and my grandchildren still too young. Things never go as you expect, but I had 47 years with Sharon. Thomas

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