A Christian Response

“A Christian Response”
June 2020
My gracious friend:

You hear it a lot now, ‘these are challenging times.’ Of course, that’s true, but not necessarily for the reasons many think. We are immersed in a crisis of our own making because of decision made in haste and few facts, and people are suffering from Yellowknife to Key West. I like using what may be unfamiliar locales, but one locale is far too familiar now, Wuhan China. For it was from here that a biolab, which two years ago was reported to have inadequate safety standards, in its sloppiness “accidentally” unleashed this “crisis.” What is not accidental is how the Chinese government lied; that this virus was not communicable between humans, and then allowing thousands to leave Wuhan, but not to any place in China. Not surprisingly what we are calling a “pandemic’ spread. But it spread because of their deliberate inaction or malfeasants. Either way it was inexcusable, and more likely reprehensible.
This is the same vicious regime that has crushed Tibet; its people, culture, and religion. Are doing the same to the Uyghurs in Western China, where over a million are incarnated in “re-education” camps, actually concentration camps reminiscent of the worst of the Nazis. They have also stepped up their efforts to force conformity on the ever-growing Christian community. Pastors are again being arrested, many just disappearing, house churches raided, closed, or destroyed, and the congregants facing “re-education.”
There was a time not that long ago when we could call this evil. Now, of course, we are to be “tolerance,” which has replaced respect for the truth. Yet the truth is there is evil! And it does pollute far beyond political or communal boundaries. It is evil that is tearing at our Judaic-Christian culture. And we are now witnessing conspiracies, slander, and deliberate lies designed solely to destroy our faith and those we now realize were actually innocent. Then there are those that seem to relish, or at least desire, more people to feel the pain of growing economic distress. I just find it odd that staying home makes it more likely you will catch this flu, yet being outside in the sunshine kills the virus. So why do the “experts” want us to remain cooped up?
This being “locked down” may not necessarily be evil, but it underscores that what we are living through is manmade, and may be the biggest mistake that our governments have ever made. This is only a mistake, but what I find “evil” is what this has already done to us. Remember, Easter services were cancelled? Even sunrise services, where believe me no one out in the open, at dawn, would have contracted this virus. You just don’t catch this virus outdoors. And these minions are not done; wait until you see what some will demand of our churches before they’re even “allow” to reopen. Some have gotten use to welding such power, and as a result there will be other restrictions, or “propositions” all designed to “improve” our societies, and they will do nothing of the kind.
Yet, when “evil” does lift its ugly head, and that it does should not surprise us, God will answer. Satan has been enraged because Golgotha was not what he thought, and the dawning of that first day in the week was his defeat. His utter humiliation is written, his destiny determined, so he seethe. Yes, Beelzebub, is active and hostile, and while time remains he will relish taking out his hatred on us. So be watchful, as our Lord has told us (see Mt.24:36-25:46).
Our real enemy is the father of lies. Since Eden he has lied. And we are to watch for those that carry his mark on their soul, doing his bidding (John saw this mark on their hand and forehead). They will use all manner of falsehoods, evil dressed as “just what you need,” or “Its for your own good.” Yet, always when evil presents itself, God will assert His reign. But we must be open to God’s directives, for it will be the “narrow way.” It will not “tickle the flesh,” or feed our carnal desires. Truth always leads to the Spirit of God, will lift our hearts, and minds to the betterment of mankind, and encourages the things of God. God’s way does not empower the fools, or “experts,” but leads to His purpose, which is “the release of the captives” and the redemption of humanity.

We are not in this together, too many do not want truth or God! More next month!

Thomas Randolf Wyatt

Dr. Thomas Wyatt
Dr. Thomas Wyatt

The radio ministry of the Wings of Healing was begun by Dr. Thomas Wyatt in 1942, and has been continuously broadcasting throughout much of the world ever since. It is now under the direction of Dr. Thomas Randolf Wyatt, the grandson of the original founder of this ministry.

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