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Meeting Linda (Part two)

We were both to receive a silent bit for our jobs, and teased one another that we would take ten percent agent’s fees for getting each of us a job. That, of course, made each of us break up over the parallels. It was evident to each of us we had found a true comrade in arms. We did our silent bits in one take, completely without a hitch, and exactly what the director wanted. When it was over, we once again found great glee in what we had done, congratulating one another and what else…laughed!
During the day, we would repair one another’s hairdos. This of course was not supposed to be done by anyone other than the hairdressing department. Union rules. But for some reason, the dear ladies of hairdressing overlooked our breaking the rules, and let us go about having our fun. They offered helpful hints, and even took over if the need was there, but for the most part, they sat with us and partook of the amusing conversation and they too had a good laugh. Such a fun unforgettable day that was, and all thanks to the long hair we had both grown to increase our number of days employed.


There are many actors in Hollywood, some a real trial to work with, others are professional, you do the lines and move on, and others that are a pure joy to work with. Darrin McGavin was one that could always make the set fun. My first experience with Darrin was at Lad’s Raceway, on a cool but pleasant day in March. We were to be part of the crowd watching a car race, and then join in the celebration at the finish line. The show was either Red Line 7000, or a Chrysler Theater Production, forgive me I am not sure exactly what we were filming that day.
I was supposed to be a beauty contest winner, and would present the winning trophy to Darrin. The rehearsal was a quick run through and the director said, “Now when you present the trophy to Darrin give him a little kiss, O.K.” Nothing extraordinary about that, a kiss seemed to be something one would expect. So we heard the familiar “speed,” and “Action.” The race car slowly pulled up, stopped, and Darrin climb out of the small cock pit, in his driving suit properly made to look as though he had just been in a two hour race; dirty, sweat stained, and as he remove his helmet his hair was all disheveled, complete with that devilish grin of his. He came closer as I properly presented to him the trophy, and turned my head to give his cheek a nice kiss. Only Darrin reached his left hand up grabbed the back of my neck, and gave me a kiss right on the lips. A kiss that seemed long, almost passionate. I pulled back a bit surprised, and he leaning against the car just smiling, as the director called “cut.”
It was then Darrin that said, “that was O.K., but I think we can do better.” The director said nothing, and we went back to our marks, as the director said, “Lets do it again, but with more energy.” So again “speed, actions,” and we did it again this time perhaps smoother, and I was not as surprised when Darrin took my neck and kissed me again, long and soft. It was certainly not unpleasant. Again “cut,” and again Darrin said, “lets do it again.” So we repeated this scene for the third time. Now I understood this new game, “lets play with Sharon Leigh.” The fourth time I joined in the kiss, and Darrin was a bit surprised, and after the director called “cut.” I turned to Linda back in the crowd and spoke up loudly so all could hear, “Linda, you have got to kiss this man.” It was Darrin’s turn to be embarrassed. He turned nearly as red as I had been.
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