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Chapter 7 part 4

in line for the same position as you, well the rules of the game are cast aside for a contest of diabolical proportions. Under these circumstances things can and will become so out of hand that it usually ends up with one or both being terminated from their job and it quite handily passed over to someone else, and now I ask the long awaited question… WHERE TO FROM HERE?

To be unemployed is a disheartening place to be in one’s life, and, if you are so because of circumstances you brought about, well that is even worse. The complications and disappointments that accompany this condition lend themselves to an array of emotions that for the most part are detrimental and can be damaging to one’s health and state of mind…in other words, your well-being. If the job lost was one you held for many years and had based your lifestyle around all the benefits thereof, it makes it all the more difficult to find one that keeps you in your comfort zone and enjoying the routine habits you have become accustomed to.

Add to this the chance that you were an employee regarded as adverse and inauspicious, a letter of recommendation will perchance speak of you as deficient of the qualities needed for placement in your chosen vocation. If your vexation wasn’t enough, finding out that your former employer finds it necessary to forewarn about you, now what do you do to rectify this daunting mess you find yourself in?

There are several ways to approach this without seeming foolish or too presumptuous. Always taking the high road is the way to properly handle such a situation. Bringing yourself down to a low level will get you absolutely nowhere, and may I add, if that is what it takes to get back in the good graces of your patron, well, you are better off without the likes of such a bore.

If it is possible for you to make and appointment to see the person responsible for writing your letter of recommendation and it is appropriate procedure at that establishment, then by all means make an entree to face your ‘accuser’. Looking your best and having your business like behavior well at hand, approach them with a modicum of assurance and a nice blend of humility. If there is a particular event that can be explained without taking too much time, do so. Otherwise it is best to state why you have returned and that you hope you can rectify the situation. Your intentions are to hopefully clear yourself to the point where they can recommend you without reservations or at least to where they are not putting their reputation on the line. Make them feel at ease about saying nice things about you and putting on paper favourable comments that may hopefully get you placement you seek elsewhere.

Another suggestion is to send a letter to the correct department and state your case. Again sincerely making it clear that you are heartily sorry for all that had taken place to get you fired. It does not hurt to let them know how much you enjoyed working there and that you wish that you could make everything right again. But you would hope that they could forgive you your discrepancies and find it in their hearts to please send a letter of recommendation that states the positive and omits the negative. Thank them very much in advance and hope for the best.

Now, be honest with yourself and do keep in mind just how serious your offense was, you asking for a letter of recommendation could just be the last straw and get you nowhere fast. Heaven forbid you rekindle any ill feelings you left behind, and end up with them finding your overt obnoxious nerve just what they needed to have their attorney send you a letter! So you be the judge and ask yourself if a return engagement is the prudish thing to do, or are you just asking for the ultimate intimidation.

So it is back to the drawing board, and after dusting off the old ashes, reignite that fire and get back to the job of diligently seeking employment. That is indeed a job in and of itself! Perhaps the most difficult of all, but assuming that you are determined and hopefully ……


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