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Chapter 7, part 5

finding a renewed awareness of who you are and what it is like to work with you, let us proceed. Present yourself with chin held high and recognize your capabilities and talents. Bring to that interview, and possibly your next job, the experience that you have had and knowing what pitfalls to avoid. Let a certain air about you tell them that you will be an asset to their business and can be a success as an employee with much to give and needing very little ‘maintenance’.

There are very few consequences if you interview well and make a good impression on the interviewees. As this world keeps dummying down and real sophistication and intellect is slowly becoming a thing of the past, the person that knows how to handle him or herself will definitely be a favorable choice over others. Do not mistake sophistication for the stiff protocol required at meetings of state, no, just a person with an ease about them and knowing the decorum required in any given situation will also make others very comfortable as well.

We never have a second chance at a first impression, so keep that in mind as you make a stand for who you are and how well suited you are for the position. Bragging is nauseating, and unless this is a den of over rated, ego centric swankpots, and possessing braggadocio is a requirement, this just may be one of those waste of time meetings. Go on your way, for such misuse of time has no place in your daily planner.

Common sense goes a long way in making the best of an interview. Your experience and a well laid out resume also plays a big part in helping you stand out in this particular crowd. Some things are just not meant to be and no matter what strategy you use, this will go down as just another learning encounter. But the operative word is learning, and what did you walk away with from having gone on that particular interview? Analyze the event and see if you think there were any opportunities where you could have excelled, who got the job would be a help if you knew that, we can and should learn from others. Both good and bad examples can be of immeasurable help for your future occasions where the lesson is applicable. I am certain that the model who swooped into the office of the editor of a fashion magazine wishes to this day that she had looked in a full length mirror before making her grand entrance with about four feet of toilet paper stuck to her heel!. May I say any model who has heard this story learned from that poor dears faux pas.

No one is perfect for every job, so it is incumbent upon you to be objective about yourself. Having an understanding about how job hunting can be and being flexible will help you through the selection process. Many people have had to spend months and unfortunately years seeking employment. With that some fall in the category of being too picky and some just having a far too high an opinion of themselves. Either of these are going to narrow the field considerably for job placement. I have known of people who have had job opportunities literally handed to them, and they refuse to take it because it does not conform to their wants and wishes. After all if you desire to go in at an executive entry level, perhaps having some knowledge and skills on the subject would be helpful. But somehow these ‘dreamers’ do not think it necessary to have paid their dues as it were, and so there they sit on the divan awaiting the phone call with the good news. Not too many contracts are handed out to those lacking the years of toil and learning that is required to obtain the key to the executive restroom!

It is curious where such ego comes from, not to forget the reluctance to work hard to make the grade. There is no doubt that unless endowed with an inheritance that leaves you as a chief executive officer, or a family member is tired of seeing you making a dent in the divan, that it is close to impossible for any wool gatherer to ever see any sort of job. This personality trait usually means that they are not motivated nor are they capable of holding on to a position for any length of time. So in a very short while after taking employment, they are seeking another place to work and end up unemployed as no boss is going to put up with that attitude for very long.

Was this drawn from a decision, or being use to having to do nothing for your wants and desires? Spoiling a child can and does lead to such dysfunctional behavior and lackadaisical attitude. Giving them all they want is definitely what so often leads to such a spirit of entitlement and hence a non-motivated individual who does not keep a job, as interest wanes in little time. I have not seen this disposition reversed and insomuch as it is a ‘hand-made’ characteristic it is so woven into to muscle and sinew of a child for so long that it is the dominant personality trait. Sadly,…..

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