Chapter 8, part 4

so undeserved, but was indeed the result of her making some disastrous decision.

My Mother, her dear friend Marilyn and Margot were all close friends, and were such a joy to be around. And with my mother’s and Marilyn’s recent divorces Margot’s efforts were helping both of them overcome any periodic doldrums and heal their shattered egos. She arranged several outings and junkets, which were always such good times for all of them. I was working so I did not have the luxury of climbing into Margot’s big car and ride off of with them on some grand destination, but it was so therapeutic for my mother so appreciated Margot’s efforts. And we were able to repay her kindness with some dinner parties, and a birthday party that she vowed she would never forget!

Then came a day when Margot did not join Mother and Marilyn for their usual Christmas shopping. This was strange, but as more of their usual get-togethers were with out Margot, my Mother would call. Margot’s reply was, “I have a boyfriend!” All were pleased and accepted an invitation to meet him. However, when the day arrived they were concerned as he was many years her junior, and as the evening progressed it was obvious they were deeply involved. Some might call him handsome, and he was big and tall, but he lacked real sophistication or the finer touches that one would have thought Margot would desire in a man. He was dressed like a western version of Beau Brummel, only with extra glitz and custom alligator boots. But she seemed happy, and all kept our questions to ourselves, for Margot seemed on cloud nine.

It was a matter of accepting him now in all the activities. But as would be expected there were fewer and fewer get-togethers. Margot then made a surprise visit to my Mother. During this visit my Mother senses a change in Margot, and there were things not being said. When Margot was asked, she was adamant that she had never been happier. She had brought over a green suede coat that I had admired ages before and wanted me to have it. Mother told her I would be thrilled, but was she sure that she wanted to part with it? She was sure and also expressed that she wished that she could have given me one of her horses, for she was disposing of her stock. She and her heartthrob were going to travel. Mother was startled by this news, for the ranch and horses had been her life. She bid mother farewell, and it was just days later mother would read in the newspaper all the gory details of the stabbing death of Margot. She was found dead in her home the victim of an especially brutal murder, and the boyfriend nowhere to be found.

Margo had made the decisions that would lead to her demise, becoming involved with a selfish monster. Despite her friends concerns she had made up her mind and it was no one else’s concern. Margo had been orphaned at age sixteen, yet her parents had left very well off, and had never know want. But she had many friends and was extremely giving, and despite every ones concerns, there could be no illusions, she had made the decision to attach herself to this man. What she actually experienced at the hands of this worthless gigolo is something we shall never know. She was a victim of someone who had no conscience, and I do not believe he was ever found. Hopefully, he is no longer taking up space, and I am certain that there is a special place in Hell for the likes of him! I still reverence my memories of Margot, all the fun times, and her infectious laughter, even after all these years. And yes, I still have that green suede coat.

I have yet another sordid tale of woman who let her heart rule her head. She was a member of the church that Tom co-pastor when we first married. She was a very colorful character, with quite the past, having been in San Diego in the early days of the US Navy’s presence there, and then in Alaska during the gold rush. She had made her living as a singer in some very unusual place, but somewhere along the way she became a Christian and would leave behind this former life. There was always something engagingly and amusing about Ella, and she would always sing at the top of her lungs. One particularly song she loved was, “How Great Thou Art.” She would sing that song with even greater gusto.

There was a dear couple in the congregation who would bring Ella to church, and often take her by the grocery store. They were sincere in their devotion and always made sure she was to want for nothing. One Sunday morning a man entered………. (continued next month)



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