Chapter 9 and 10


Chapter Nine

Second Chances, Part two


From someone’s terrible experience of not being attentive, there may be a life changed and not for the better. Automobile and pedestrian accidents are so often caused because of this malady. Not keeping watch of all that is going on around you can lead to taking a life. Train yourself to be trustworthy behind the wheel and keep your eyes open and on the road. Consider the facts and the statistics on this subject, the actual events that are in this category fill the news with regularity. It is not without reason that I have touched on this. Please do be careful.

I alluded to nature, in the preface, as afflicting mankind. There are many miseries that go along with what nature can hurl our way. Besides for her nasty temper with the weather, there are diseases and ailments, scourges and plagues and the earth has its moments reminding us of its abilities to destroy us as well with natural disasters. We find out from time to time just how small we are, and all our technology cannot stand up to the supernatural tantrums that can destroy in a matter of seconds. If it helps, you must be prepared for whatever is indicative for your part of the world. Making the decision to find out all that you can possibly do to spare you from harm cannot be emphasized enough. Each part of the world has certain problems with nature’s wrath, so have everything you can to help you survive and do pray for the best and everyone’s safety.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who have not got a plan and the necessary things needed to survive. Sadly there are some disasters that are such monsters that very little can be of help when hell spends time here on earth.

I do hope that I have made my point about this and that you will always be prepared and safe, may the Lord watch over you, always, and keep His protective hand on you all of your life.

Chapter Ten

The Lessons Of History, Part one


History has basically been built upon one decision after another. Any major event has had to have been thought out and brought to fruition, either by the stroke of a scepter or referendum in one form or another. In some cases history was made by one individual who took it upon himself or herself to change the course of events that led to what may or may not be wise. Among the majority of these decisions, whether global in scope or more or less of a local nature, it is apparent that many people, places and things were affected by such an edict. There is Neville Chamberlain at Munich after his concessions to Adolph Hitler, proclaiming “Peace in our time,” when his ill-advised treaty only strengthen Hitler’s belief that he could prevail against the Allies.

An executive decision can be disastrous if the person in the position to do so is a complete buffoon. The results of such have made for global unrest and devastating wars, not to forget the lives that have been lost due to what may be described as a misguided monumental ego trying to lead. There are decisions made behind closed doors and the outcome of this could take a while before the public has to resort to a new way of life and adopt a new strategy.

To the outside observer there is nothing particularly striking about the new course of actions—there was no act of God, no perceptible fanaticism, and no incredible oratorical powers displayed from an ornate balcony. So, the final decision slipped by and cunningly snuck in like a slow entering wedge, and thus a new order is now added to the annals of history…and another anathema is born!

The number of lessons we could learn from the past are beyond counting. But even if only a few are retained in our gray matter, and are applied to today’s current events, we would be so much better off. Best of all people would not fall for propaganda that is obviously a means for a special interest group to get their way. Knowing the facts is a strong tool against being duped and manipulated. Sadly everyday history is repeating itself once again to brain wash the masses into believing a non-truth. So make decisions for yourself based upon knowledge that you have attained independently, seek the facts and make your wise decisions.

This brings me to yet another disturbing fact of life; there is an inordinate number of young people especially, that believe history began the day they were born!! Therefore, to them, nothing really matters from days gone by, so why study it? Well, I am going to quote “Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!”

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