WHERE TO FROM HERE: Chapter 10, part 2

Lessons from History

Sadly everyday history is repeating itself once again to brain wash the masses into believing a non-truth. So make decisions for yourself based upon knowledge that you have attained independently, seek the facts and make your wise decisions.

This brings me to yet another disturbing fact of life; there is an inordinate number of young people especially, that believe history began the day they were born!! Therefore, to them, nothing really matters from days gone by, so why study it? Well, I am going to quote “Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!”

What we learn from the lessons of history can be of incredible help when we have to face a crisis, for nothing is new under the sun. It may take a while to research your quest, but it will be well worth it if you can emerge unscathed from your questions of what course to take. Seeking wise counsel will prove invaluable, and I would hazard a guess that this chosen sage is well versed in history both current and ancient.

The miracle is; that given all the mistakes, our world has not imploded upon itself. For the record I must add that I am absolutely certain it is the faithful believers that have kept this earth from such demise. For along with the civility and tendency to pray waiting upon The Lord, there comes the common sense that helps with life’s uncertainties. Fortunately, democracies and republics are influenced by the teachings of the Bible, and here is a prime example of learning from history, and oh, what history! Which does remind me of the famous ironic statement by Winston Churchill, “Democracies are the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

The only element one has to tangle with in making a decision is to be well informed and confident while leaping over any hurdles. When all is concluded you should feel complete and quite relieved from the burden that often accompanies having such a task set before you. Hopefully it has suited your purpose perfectly and no nightmare will ever haunt you concerning the whole affair. Always remain calm and avoid that reprehensible thorn in your side that causes you to panic. It will get you absolutely nowhere, and left unchecked could eventually lead you to the necessity of having to see your doctor. Strive to always be at your best and do not let that sinister old clown, Beelzebub himself, lead you to think that you are not brave and that you lack moral courage!

These are not easy times that we are experiencing. I could write voluminous amounts just on that alone. Look back to the beginnings of said times and what do you see…decisions made… putting into place the parts of the engine that is now racing down the track. So to avoid having to get into the elements of a despicable plot against society, I shall refrain from lamenting the rampage and get back to prayer for the nations and the world and invoke that the suffering and displacements are not prolonged.

I may have been brought up to expect that those voted into office are to be trustworthy and honest. Along with such expectations would fall into line with their ability to make sensible decisions, and I pray those that can, will rise to the top, and also they will be spiritual enough to seek God’s wisdom and counsel before making any judgments, and the ever loving Decisions. In other words do not remove The Creator from government. Since the decisions of some to attempt to remove God it has been an ever constant decline of morality and common sense, and no one is better for it! The realization of this is overwhelmingly apparent.

So, it is quite plain to see that most things do not just happen, as some sort of act of nature. Somewhere along the way one or more decisions were made to set these things in motion. This is the same for both the good and the bad choices, for once they are in place, removing them could be impossible at best. Was anyone even thinking of the long term, far ranging consequences? Consequences that the generations following have to live with and may never be able to undo. This is not a preposterous assessment of today’s woes, for as pragmatic as we are we must be aware of the times when there are lapses of concern from the powers that be, and once again the public has to rise up and let their voices be heard. And we have learned in recent elections, that indeed every vote can matter. We are meant to be involved. I can sum all of this up, with a quote from Margaret Thatcher, who once said, ‘Consensus is the negation of leadership’. So do your independent thinking on any subject and get as close to the heart of the matter as possible and use your judgment wisely. Remembering always that, “The future is purchased by the present.”

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