Chapter 8 part 2

(From Sharon book, “Where to from Here”)

                                   CHAPTER EIGHT, ” BAD NEWS”


The news media is filled with stories of those unfortunate souls who have made poor decisions. Then there are also those despicable people who make those horrendous decisions that do harm to others. Seemingly on an everyday basis there are the wondrous and outrageous tales of great heroism and unspeakable acts of absolute evil. Each one stemming from a decision either positive or negative made by the individual who, for lack of a better word, performed such acts. Three cheers for those who unselfishly did what was needed in order to help a situation have a happy ending. Unfortunately, however, some that come to the rescue or are involved in some way do not themselves have a good story to tell but have become victims, and I pray none of them are ever forgotten for their bravery. There are the innocent bystander who is totally unaware of the danger imminently close and becomes a statistic by the hand of a psychopath or a casualty of nature’s wrath ending untimely in death or a debilitating handicap and terrible memories to endure the rest of their lives, all decisions that may make the news and then likely affect our lives. Even the decisions made in a voting booth have a residual effect on a nation.

That lesson is to vote wisely and think of how your decision will spell the outcome and future of your town, state, country and very likely the entire world.

Virtually, everyone makes decisions, and please note, all of them will have some influence on how, for good or bad, a life turns out. Every day of your existence can be determined and influenced by that fateful choice, and Heaven forbid it is a bad one. You can then quite honestly spend the rest of your life desperately trying to undo what took place. I have seen too many that lament that moment in their life when the day came say yea or nay to a choice, that they too hastily made and now they suffer the consequences of not being more circumspect about the consequences.

Whenever making a decision please think ahead, consider all the ramifications, all the circumstances and every detail that is encompassed and encapsulated in that decision. Your happiness could very well be what is at stake, and even your well being, your every breath you take thereafter. So have a care and remember the importance this may be for your life. Others may seem concerned, and are no doubt so, but it is your life and future. Those who are directly involved and in whom the decision will certainly affect need to be taken into consideration and given full regard. A consolation prize is not the key to happiness.

There is no necessity to please everyone. If you can consign the effort over to someone else, and be comfortable with the results, then by all means hand the responsibility over to whom ever you trust. But if you are not enthused with the outcome, then recruiting someone else to do this for you was a bad decision. But there is no time for recriminations in such an aftermath, but a time to reassess any damage and do what is necessary to rectify the situation. What is it going to take to correct things, certainly not developing a neurosis over the things that may looms over you like the sword of Damocles. To be brought to such desperation is not good for your health.

I am reminded of a woman, who shall be known as Celeste, who allowed her son to make every decision for her after her husband’s passing. He took full advantage of the position, and took control of all of her affairs down to the smallest detail. She paid no attention to what he was doing and would never read the papers he would place on her writing desk to sign. Her signature would be put on the dotted line and away he would go with all sorts of authority in his hands.

One day she and several of her friends who were also widowed made plans to go on a cruise to Hawaii. When her bank refused the check she wrote for the trip, the poor dear discovered that she was…..(continues next month)

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